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How to teach to read and write the child?

When the child with hunting communicate with adults and imitates them? In game. Therefore to begin to teach the child it is necessary to read from games. The preschool child who is freely arguing on anything does not even suspect that his speech consists of sounds.

The first games for training in reading are games - onomatopoeias. Try to pozhuzhzhat as a bee. Let`s talk in bee language: Let`s druzhzhzhit! You where Zhzhzhivyosh? I Zhzhzhiva in this Zhzhzhilishche. Come to me on a visit. I will treat you morozhzhzheny.

When the child will learn to stretch sounds in words, it is possible to offer the new game In " shop;. Seller - the adult, and the child buys, but only those objects which begin with a certain sound, for example, [to]: cabbage, potatoes, but tomato will not buy. Other game Let`s load the ship . On the ship it is also possible to place words which begin with a sound [to].

Games in doctor Zvukov who helps to cure words are convenient and useful. So, the bear can not utter some sounds, and your kid will be able to cure him. The bear speaks: At an elephant ffobot . The child defines what sound it is necessary to treat what tongue twister to register. Here the tongue twister " will approach; Crested laughers a laughter laughed loudly ha - ha - ha - ha - ha - ha .

Game Sound lotto demands to find the word with the necessary sound from the set words.

It is important to teach to distinguish hard and soft consonants. Here the game " will help; Tim and Tom . Tim is a little tolstenky man. The name begins on a soft consonant therefore Tim loves everything that begins on a soft consonant: Russian cabbage soup, lollipop, mashed potatoes. The volume is a high thin little man. It likes all words which begin with a hard consonant: borsch, candy, French fries. Help Tom and Tim to find friends among animals: kid, fox, lion, tiger, cat, dog.

In the game Got lost in the wood it is easier for child to find a shock sound. We pull a stressed vowel.

The game " will help to allocate all sounds in words; House of sounds . In the house there live words. In each window on a sound. Words sat down at a lodge.

These games help to open a reading secret: we run eyes forward and we look at the following vowel. Vowels of Wu Yi Yu designate the same sound [u], but the letter U gives command: Read firmly and letter Yu: Read softly . It is secret of merge concordant and public.

Along with games in sounds begin to show also letters. Begin with concordants. It is easier to utter them.

When training in reading you remember safety rules: the first and the main thing governed - showing to the child a letter, it is necessary to say not its alphabetic name, but a sound which it designates. Try to pull this sound. Echoing the rule - our letters not hieroglyphs which designate words. Letters designate sounds. Therefore take care of that near a letter there were several objects which name begins on the corresponding letter. For example, M - soap, the car, a mouse.

While the child is not yet 6 years old, it is important to put all efforts to develop, strengthen a children`s hand and fingers. Drawing and a molding, the designer, a mosaic, knitting, embroidery will make them obedient, will prepare for calligraphical exercises. It is better to prepare its success indirectly.

The arising interest in reading - here all that is required in order that, sending the child to school, you did not worry at least about reading lessons.