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How to promote? Seven skills of highly effective people

of 7 flowers of a rainbow, 7 notes at the musician. For successful career it is necessary to overcome 7 steps too.

Step 1. Become the leader! Learn to undertake responsibility for the assumed decisions you do not blame others for the failures. You look forward optimistically: each problem opens for you new opportunities and enriches you. You remember: the leader knows not only on what tree there are more apples, but also how to organize gathering apples, without climbing on a tree. Think of how to open the business.

Step 2. Get down to business, seeing before themselves an ultimate goal. The purpose of the person are aspirations and unrealized desires, dreams. Find them in yourself. Everything is created twice: at first in thoughts, then in practice. Dreams come true when the strong desire turns them into specific actions.

If you in dreams see yourself the actress, then it is optional to throw a physical mat. Try student`s STEM - ah and KVN - ah. Think of how to open the business.

Step 3. Operate the dream and the desires! You are already able to take responsibility for the made decisions and learned to make the choice. Now learn to distinguish important issues from unimportant, urgent from not urgent and build the plan of the week. On the first place important issues which should not be urgent have to be.

You remember: in your plans there has to be a place not only for work, but also for relatives, friends, darling and for visit of SPA - salon. It will help to remove stress after long conversation with the chief, will give force for new labor victories and will rescue from workaholism. Think of how to open the business.

Step 4. Think in the spirit of won / won! Be sure: everything will be enough for all. Means, you will always find the solution which will suit both with the partner. To find the main thing in itself courage to tell is not present to doubtful contracts, courage for promotion of creative ideas, keenness to the opponent. Think of how to open the business.

Step 5. At first seek to understand, and then to be the witness! More often we listen with intention to answer, and it is important to understand a problem from the point of view of other person. Try to show a kind, caring attitude to trifles in conversation with the partner, keep the made word or the promise. Specify that the interlocutor expects from you. Try to be honest, open and kind.

Reputation - guarantee of successful business. It will allow to find new possible options of cooperation and to achieve results which will satisfy both parties. Think of how to open the business.

Step 6. Appreciate distinction among themselves and the opponent in mentality, in the emotional sphere and psychological distinctions! Each person perceives the world in own way. Respect opinion of other person! It will help you to find new ways for cooperation and to live by the principle I win - my partner " wins;. Think of how to open the business.

Step 7. Constantly self-improve intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially! Be engaged in shaping, Pilates or a flamenco. Read good literature, keep the diary in which write down all the opening, finds, feelings. Help other people. Listen to good music and enjoy nature sounds. Think of how to open the business.

On materials of the book of Stephen Kovi Seven skills of highly effective people .