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How to make hair rather beautiful?

From time immemorial people attached considerable significance to the hair, to be exact their state. Hair as reflection of internal and external human life, can be both a source of beauty, and the reason of complexes. On the other hand success of the woman or man, self-confidence, a harmonious state of mind and understanding of own beauty, in many respects depends on how they look, from their individual style where hair play a paramount role. For this reason people seek to give to the hair an attractive look, making with them the most various manipulations: comb, cut, paint, twist, straighten, cover with various cosmetic and perfumery means.

by For effective care of hair it is important to determine correctly the type of hair , otherwise there is a risk to do them harm. Hair divide on normal, dry, fat and mixed. Hair of normal type well reflect light, are poured on the sun. An oily hair has characteristic dim gloss, later small time after washing sticks together and begins to seem slovenly. Dry hair are easily confused, difficult comb hair, split on the ends. Hair of the mixed type are, as a rule, long hair - fat at roots and dry on tips.

Unfortunately, hair without problems meet seldom. Care of hair - business is laborious, taking away from the modern person, especially from women, a lot of time, forces and money. However, whatever one may do - care of hair, as well as care of any other part of a body, is a lifelong occupation. It is impossible to flirt behind hair month - another, and then to forget about it, hoping that they until the end of life will be now healthy. Be consecutive and do not disregard your hair.

to Reach beauty of hair, it is possible conforming to the simple rules , but the speech in this case will go only about those factors and conditions of prettiness of hair which in power to change you (the hereditary reasons and diseases - a subject for medical research).

So that is necessary for beauty of hair:

1. Competent washing of hair.

2. Correct drying of hair.

3. The sparing hair dressing.

4. Ideal food for hair.

The question of how often to wash hair, is solved individually: from everyday washing of hair to 1 time in 8 - 10 days. Immutable rule here one - it is necessary to wash hair as often as you need it. Those who everyday uses styling sprays (wax, gels, mousses, varnishes) are recommended to wash hair every day since these means make heavier hair that badly affects their quality. It is not necessary to wash hair with too hot or too cold water: the best water temperature - 35 - 45 degrees. The hair are fatter, the more cool there has to be water. Negatively water with the increased content of chlorine influences any types of hair.

When washing it is not necessary to apply shampoo on absolutely dry hair. For a start it is necessary to wet hair water, then, having poured out a little shampoo on a palm, to pound it and to rub slowly in head skin, and only to wash out hair the formed foam, trying not to rub them it is strong not to damage a core and a cuticle of a hair. It is necessary to soap hair two times: this results from the fact that at the first soaping from hair only the certain part of dirt, dust and skin fat is removed, and the medical effect of shampoo comes only at its secondary drawing. After shampoo use hair need to be washed out carefully water, without assuming that on their surface there were elements of detergents.

How to choose ideally suitable means for washing of hair, practically all know. Advertizing can impose initial preferences, but with experience of application of people itself defines optimum detergent. I will remind only that the soap destroying a protective film   categorically is not suitable for washing of hair; a hair and kozhigolova and doing hair dry and dim. The shampoos having the subacidic environment natural to our skin and a hair work more softly, than soap.

If you still finally did not decide by on the shampoo choice , then use the simple principle: upon purchase attentively read the text on packing and use that shampoo which is intended for your type of hair, and after the beginning of use analyze results. Positive results of use of shampoo are clean, brilliant hair without traces of fat and irritation of head skin which well comb hair and are not confused. Rather double application to understand that the chosen shampoo does not suit you, and here to come to a conclusion that this shampoo just for you - it is regularly necessary to use it within several weeks. Besides, good shampoo has to remove static electricity from hair, and, above all - to compensate loss of moisture and nutrients. The statement that from time to time shampoo needs to be changed, - real myth . If you already picked up to yourself shampoo which suits you entirely, you should not change it for another.

Besides shampoo when washing the head it is desirable to use a conditioner, balm, or the conditioner . In principle, all these means are urged to carry out several functions: to facilitate drying and combing, to give to hair elasticity. It is better to apply shampoo and the rinsing means of one brand or the cosmetic &ndash line; they correspond each other on structure, and action of a conditioner most effectively supplements effect of shampoo. The combination of shampoo and a conditioner of different lines does not bring to hair benefit and in certain cases can even lead to allergic reactions. Quite often the conditioner contains in « shampoo; 2 in 1 . Application of such means will not do harm, but also it is not enough advantage of it. Separate use of a conditioner is much more effective. For restoration of the injured hair, for longer, full and deep medical effect there are special &ndash masks; they are applied on hair for 15 - 20 minutes of 1 - 2 time a week.

After hair are washed up, many have a question - to comb at once or to allow to dry. The owner of a smart hairdress Sophia Loren , for example, never combed hair wet, allowing them to dry naturally. Wet hair, really, it is better not to comb and if it is necessary, then not a metal, but plastic or wooden hairbrush. And, certainly, the best drying is natural drying of hair, sometimes with use of a warm towel. It is recommended to comb short hair from roots, and long - since the ends, gradually moving ahead to roots.

For hair dressing and giving of additional appeal to them hair not to do without hair dryer. Now many hair dryers are issued with a possibility of supply of cold air thanks to what it is possible to make more qualitatively and quicker laying or to build a stunning hairdress. It is proved that from hot air hair become softer and simpler keep within, and streams of cold air it is possible to record already simulated condition of hair more successfully. do not neglect At the choice of the hair dryer world famous brands as Phillips, Braun, Rowenta. The spoiled hairdress, and even is even worse - the spoiled hair do not cost that money which you will save on purchase of the hair dryer.

Besides the external leaving step by step considered by us above, hair, perhaps, to a large extent need care of other order. Scientists paid attention that the condition of our ringlets directly depends on products which we eat. Among them there are presents mega - stars which we have to have on a table every day, - this is fish and other seafood, bean and various green vegetables.

Food which is necessary for beauty of hair . Surely: fish, a bird, low-fat meat, chicken, and is even better quail eggs, nuts, bean contain protein which provides growth of hair, and also all these products are rich with copper. She participates in pigmentation and prevents emergence of a gray hair. Besides, copper protects from dandruff. The German physicians tested more than 1000 residents of Hamburg and came to a conclusion that those from them who eats fish and seafood more often have least of all problems with hair, than admirers of hamburgers.

The most important component of our hair the keratin is considered . For its education regularly include in the menu natural vegetable oil, bread from coarse flour, sunflower seeds. To keep natural gloss, force and elasticity of hair, do not forget about sea cabbage, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, acidophilus milk. Fresh vegetables and fruit besides that are rich with useful cellulose, contain the vitamins and mineral substances necessary for our organism in general and to hair in particular. Vitamin A which there is a lot of in carrots, green vegetables and a dogrose does hair less fragile and fragile, stimulates growth and cell fission. &ndash vitamin E; free radicals hunter - promotes a hair reconstruction. The champion on the content of &ndash vitamin E; sweet pepper.

Silicon prevents a hair loss . Strawberry, a nettle, millet are rich with it. Pantothenic acid does hair softer and less fat, helps to keep color and gloss. There is a lot of it in a cauliflower and broccoli, haricot.

Food with which it is possible to forget about beauty of hair . It is fried food, canned food, animal fats, salty and sharp. All these products cause a metabolic disorder that has an adverse effect also on a condition of hair.

In principle, following all these rules of care of hair and a balanced diet, it is possible to achieve a beautiful view of hair or just to improve their state in a month.

However exist secrets of care of hair and laying of a hairdress, using which you can improve considerably a condition of your hair already now.

Secret 1 - you will have tremendous hair if in the morning and in the evening to drink on 1 tablespoon of corn, olive or sunflower oil.

Secret 2 - you will have smart hair if to use gerkulesovy infusion: before going to bed fill in 1 glass of oat flakes with 1 liter of water, let`s be drawn within 12 hours, filter in the morning, wring out and drink during the day on half-cups.

Secret 3 - you will have magnificent hair if you have breakfast in French: fill in the 6th table, spoons of the " oat flakes; " Oat-flakes; a small amount of boiled chilled water, add a spoon of honey and several crushed walnuts. Leave for the night. Put several spoons of cream and a few cut dried apricots in the morning. It is possible to add any fruit and &ndash berries in the summer; it will be even more tasty and more useful.

Secret 4 - quickly to give to hair an attractive look and visually to increase hairdress volume, paint separate locks light paint. Paint can be applied on area from a nape to a bang, without mentioning a temporal zone, having given to those hair more saturated shade.

Secret 5 - the ruffled straight hair visually threshes the person, with such hairdress you will throw off decade at once.

Secret 6 - a small amount of the wax applied on hair perfectly will emphasize texture of hair and a relief of a hairdress.

Secret 7 - to make a hairdress of more stylish, just apply gel on dry hair, having emphasized their texture.

Secret 8 - lipstick for hair dressing will give you a faultless look and will keep at the same time naturalness of a hairdress.

And main secret - to be able to enjoy life, every day; to like and to keep always hope for the best. Your good mood, the benevolent relation to people around and harmonious feeling of in this world, will bring beauty, will prolong youth, will fill with forces, will strengthen spirit and will protect you from all bad.