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Whether 7 mortal sins are terrible to us? We told part 2

In the first part about Arrogance, Greed and Envy. Let`s talk about other four sins.

Anger , rage, hatred - strong emotions and feelings with emission of negative energy on people around, therefore Anger - a sin against the neighbor. We observe every day manifestations of Anger in turns, in public transport, on streets - roughness, rudeness, a mat, antisocial actions. The anger is realized as flash or as the thought-over actions, but can be constantly born feeling. For example, there are anti-fans hating people successful, noticeable in society. Each person is subject to Anger, but units are capable not to harm others. The person in Anger does not own the reason, its mentality is loosened, and the soul - burns down in a flame of rage or on the smoldering hatred coals.

Fornication , lust, debauchery - of this good around full - it is full. It is enough to glance in any magazine with advertizing of pictures for mobile phones, and you join this sin. The majority of churches recognizes only the simplest and strictly limited sexual relations between the husband and the wife, consisting in church marriage. All the rest (!) it is considered Lust. In universal understanding Fornication the - the perverted, in-place or paraded sexual actions. Fornication is similar to Greed, desire to have as much as possible. Excessive Fornication can lead to the diseases affecting a brain, and, therefore, depriving of reason. The upset mentality - the companion Pokhoti. And the soul - suffers when the person prefers it to a body.

Gluttony , a gluttony - a sin against. As people throughout the history constantly met hunger, abuse of food was considered as especially immoral. Now very few people observe posts and fast days, and the daily lunch from meat, the first and second with obligatory eating, became a norm. Plus - the frequent use of delicacies. In the past our power supply system would be considered as gluttony.

Also those who fill stomachs for the sake of tamping - the real gluttons come across. They live that is. The reason dozes when the person eats and when he eats constantly, - the reason fills up strong. Feelings become dull, including also flavoring feelings. And the soul which was preferred to a stomach grows stiff. Gluttony - the primitive similarity of Greed leading Despondency to a sin.

Despondency , laziness, idleness - also a sin against. It is extensive concept which includes also unwillingness something to do, and idle inaction (life for the sake of pleasures), and loss of interest in life, and hopeless despair. Work, participation in life of society - a basis of human life, therefore this sin - heavy. Now to earn strict requirements of life more and more so strongly press on mentality of people that force to hide from problems, being broken in the Despondency sin. Often men, having failed, cease to work, passing all cares on female shoulders.

The highest point of this phenomenon - a bomzhevaniye as a way of life. And in what the bum on belief differs from the rich idler? The reason degrades, the person loses the I in life nothing attracts it. The despondency leads to various diseases, to alcoholism. Lost himself a vegetable life leads, externally remaining the person. The despondency can be a consequence of any of other sins, it is the last blow to liking and a final phase of its dying.

Apparently while at least one person is living, the concept of seven mortal sins will not become outdated. But here, it is how important not to allow in itself these sins, to solve to everyone. To the believing people it is simpler - they follow morals of the religion, try not to sin and if sin, then after spiritual punishment they receive absolution. Non-believers are stored only by desire to remain the person, not to do much harm to the reason and not to aggravate something unsteady, called by conscience. But conscience is based on fear of condemnation and what to condemn the person living as all for? There is a wish to wish to all to deal quicker with the sins without pity to himself favourite and to make it - of a simple instinct of self-preservation.