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How to be saved from a sting power vampire ?

Are such belief that in the people exists, roughly speaking, three types of people. The first - power station on which it is possible to load the " battery; to a limit. There is also such category of people to whom the concept circulation of energy in society it is alien, to be exact, they from it are abstracted. And the third and most dangerous the group of social subjects are power vampires . Danger of members of the third group is in what even to the persons who are well protected from power communication (from the second group) to have sometimes to lose tremblingly protected kindly which is ruthlessly absorbed power Dracula .

Power vampirism , of course, it is not so terrible as it is painted, and not so ugrozhayushch as sounds, but to be afraid all - costs. This article is devoted generally to the first and second groups of people, that is those who is not power vampires but some recommendations for vampirchik I all - will describe.

To define what group you treat, it is not difficult at all, I even suspect that many of you know the power partiality. And if you do not know yet how your biofield handles sotsioenergiya resources, then it is necessary to learn. To make it simply - observe, ask the relatives, familiar as they feel in your society. Eventually, find special tests in searchers if you love similar entertainments.

Golden mean.

U you syndrome power indifference ? The most ideal option as you have armor peculiar protection against vain wasting of own power arsenal. But, it is not pledge your full " yet; inviolability and safety . Exist power vampires the absorption possessing very strong impulses which even the strongest board will not resist. In case you communicate with such persons, it is necessary to stock up with a quantity protection tools . Important note, similar characteristics of people ( power station power autentist and power vampire ) are not corresponding descriptions of their personality in social or spiritual area. These are peculiar terms of a separate zone of human life, so to speak, areas unknown.

As I already spoke, there is a circulation of energy in society on which energy from one subject of communication to another and so on circulates. Theoretically power autentist is out of this circulation, but in practice it looks differently. Power autentist some kind of bowl of scales, balance between arrival and an expense of the energy. When energy has enough - he can share it and when is not enough - on slightly - slightly will take from everyone. But it is so insignificant portions of energy that cannot be felt: he took away this from you energy or on the contrary - shared it. Thus, power autentist fully participates in an exchange of energy though its contribution and insignificant.

We will pass to to the " tool; which need to use at a meeting with strong power vampire . The main thing is to hold a mental distance. During communication with such subject to a power autentist (by the way, this council is required also for power station ) it is necessary to present that it is in such transparent glass cap as it is represented in advertizing, showing protection against bacteria and immunity preservation. By the way, it is not simple at all - supporting conversation, to represent itself in a cap, but if you do not want to remain energetically devastated after communication with, apparently, person, pleasant for you, it is necessary to try.

There is one more way of protection, only it prepares in advance if you arranged beforehand a meeting with respected power vampire . The essence is that you will equip yourself at full scale: you put on clothes from the most favorable for you flowers (it is possible to learn about it on famous Pavel Globy`s website), to take with yourself the amulet or a subject allocated with you property of a charm, at last, to drink some enerdzhayzer . And it is important, it is necessary to remember that you can concentrate the energy in yourself by force of thought, imaginations. By the way, perfection and idylls in this sphere were reached by Buddhists. It will be at a leisure useful to read their doctrines of rather spiritual and power concentration.

Wasting for nothing.

Power station , or, I would call, power squanderer - it is category of the people extending the energy to all and on all. Without wishing that and even without suspecting, these people give the energy to people around all the time. They litter energy on the left and to the right. The benefit if in their environment there are similar to them, or at least power autentist then there is an interchange, natural distribution of invaluable energy. And here if in a circle of contacts or just locations it appeared vampire 100% of energy from squanderers will get to it. No offense that who treats this group, but the energy coming to granaries to pilferers of energy it is spent often in vain.

It is possible to recover from a tranzhirstvo, but it is very not simple, it is necessary to work hard over itself and to control carefully. Often such people have always a power exhaustion that leads to a somnolence, a breakdown and so on. And it is necessary to fight against it. Sources of precious energy have the principal and paramount value. they Are defined similarly - thanks to supervision and the feelings. Such sources act in a role bolnichka (remember various computer games where the hero, passing various tests, finds boxes with drugs and by that prolongs or increases the on - line life). As I already wrote, as such sources there can be amulets, favorable colors of clothes, any metals (gold, silver, copper). On occupations yogis practice also technicians of cogitative charging: you represent how the ray of light gets into you and fills you with sunshine from within or as you stand under falls and absorb all power and force of the falling crystal-clear water.

To all other, do not forget about an armor - a protective cap which you have to represent every time when you meet power vampire , but it is necessary to remove him if you were lucky to contact to similar to - power station will share with you.

Bad - good vampire . you realize

that every time, communicating with people, you deprive of them a big share of a charge and energy. But, in spite of the fact that you get this energy and prolongs to you feeling of cheerfulness and a power potentiality, you want to be less blood-thirsty . It is noble if you thought of it. As the only tool only nobility of the purpose can serve in fight against itself. But there is one council: do not spend surplus of the caught energy in vain - send it to the necessary and creative course . In what? To solve and choose to you. The main thing that the stream of energy brought benefit to people around.

I hope, this article will give you energy!