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What communication at school gives us? Part one of

This question began to disturb me about a few years ago when, walking on school on one of changes, I noticed how several guys of a class of the ninth scoff at one fifth-grader. And it mainly at all schools of our time.

When parents ask the child: How are you at school? and he answers everything normally and at the same time looks away somewhere, it means that not everything is normal. Everyone at school has problems. Only the small number of parents know about it as the child, seeing their load or that they have enough problems, will just say that all super.

To leaving school in each class is to steam of people who are hated. It occurs approximately so. In the first - the third class all are amicable, the friend stand firm for the friend etc. All this happens because they still small, they here, in school, recently, therefore they should strike up acquaintances. After the fifth class such society begins to share, and very quickly and chaotically. Children at this age are very pliable on all series or movies. Having watched the next series, they begin to act as his heroes. Remember at one time sensational series Gangster St. Petersburg then Crew . At me in a class after the first series such nicknames as the Antibiotic, the Doctor, Braids, the Bee and so on began to appear. The class is broken into groups now at what, these groups change with the same speed, as well as series. As well as in series, at these " teams; " clans; " groups; as they call themselves, there are enemies with whom it is necessary to deal.

In the beginning it is a joke and enemies are allegedly schoolmates, but then it develops into the whole war. And some schoolmates already actually are enemies, just because they did not want to play these games, and continued to lead the normal life. And those who consist in one of these teams, consider himself abrupt, it has an abrupt team, and that in turn from abrupt series or the movie. In other words, children at this age completely transfer an affected plot of the movie to real life. And these " clans; often remain until the end of training at school.

By the way in such teams poor students consist usually, and their enemies are excellent students or horoshist stop being enemies at the first control, independent or still something. But as soon as everything comes to an end hostility is started over again and again.

But that in each class there are black sheep there are pluses, namely, people if did not break before such pressure which is reproduced on them the schoolmates become strong personalities if they could not stand to their pressure, then they turn into usual gray crowd. And those, after transition to other collective, are lost, they do not know what to do to them, at school on their party were force, here they have nothing and, most likely, will not have.

At the end I want to tell that everything that does not become, everything becomes to the best, the main thing to be able this the best to see.