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How to quarrel with the an eytsekhor? Empirical evident representation the feeling which was caused by a subject contains

. I. Kant calls feeling of a subject the content of sensual knowledge. In other words, if the person felt, felt a subject, then this knowledge is substantial in the sense that the feeling (feeling) belongs to a subject, and by means of it the consciousness receives concept of a subject, can present, operate it with it etc.

do not worry! I, Andryusha Petrovich, am living, and I wrote it, to be exact from where - copied that. Consider it necessary the introduction to article, and, however, consider how you want, you can not read the first paragraph at all.

An interesting mot - an eytsekhor. Phonetic - here to you to you and " eggs; here to you and chorus and all this trimming it is shrouded in Judaic mysticism. In okolonenauchny circles and at forums disputes on this concept became frequent recently. The subject interested me and as the self-educated person - the scientist, I understood: it is time to cut sincere frogs . Before opening before shvarknut to a lyagukh a head about a table corner, it is necessary to find out: who is it it; who is it in me; whether it is sensibelny * that is whether empirical evident representation is possible concerning it (cm higher)?

Without having managed to pass to the description, I felt what damned an eytsekhor in me already works and imperceptibly palms off a false technique, substituting concepts. When using of its technique by this all further reasoning will not cost time, on it spent. To Cut a frog assumes the further analysis, a technique quite devil. We will not be moved on these tricks and we will be to bring together frogs that is we will move a synthesis track.

So. Eytsekhore - the alien, not drawn personal aspect in the person and surrounding it spiritual entities which is expressed in substitution of creation of elements of their immanent existence by existence own. The term is taken from Judaic mysticism by Daniil Andreyev. Definition was thought up by Andryusha Petrovich together with the an eytsekhor.

How to synthesize this concept of world around and himself to everyone who became interested in this business? This most difficult action available, by the way, only to the one who it is valid up to the depth of soul of it wants. Slightest doubts, and especially analytical reflections and theorizing cut this enterprise on a root, actually, it is also influence devil seed . I did not make a reservation. If someone decides to repeat my experiment, it is not necessary to think resolutely absolutely. Only attentively and impartially to note and fix. The matter is that as the part us an eytsekhor always participates in our thinking and, influencing with a jeweler accuracy and insidiousness results and conclusions, perverts them exactly the opposite. You want an example? Who will object against expression A sound mind in a sound body is correct, recommendatory, educational? And today still this devil call reaches from all gates of our society. That is, if to approach ontologically, shift of parts of the phrase (the substitution made an eytsekhor) speaks strong to Aryan guys : We have a sound body, therefore, we have the right to bear our especially sound mind to these bad people who have no such sound body . Rearrange parts of expression a little in a different way: The Sound mind has to care about health of the body and devil just disappears. In the history of mankind such substitutions are innumerable. Eytsekhore interferes with scientific process, consciously urging on developments in such area where it is difficult for simple person to differentiate devil. For example, psychology. Siegmund Freud scientifically proved, and then a giperpodononok from Nazism Goebbels declared in effect the same thought: I exempt you from such chimera as conscience .

To give to the person accepted (it is better scientific) a justification of own imperfection - the eternal purpose an eytsekhor. Justice, equality, a brotherhood, advantage, belief, love - everything is poisoned with this seed. Everything is perverted. Everywhere substitution of the valid value of feeling by value of comparison own " is carried out; I with others I us people around. Nothing is free from its influence. It is poured in statehood, in structures of the organizations, communities, parties. It gets into churches, it frolics in philosophy, ethics, literature, art. It impregnated policy so that human is in it did not remain in general.

At D. Orwell in the novel 1984 there is an interesting moment. A certain official in system of a terrible state autocracy speaks to the main character. - I want from you the only thing that you accurately and consciously answered me how many fingers I show now, - and shows four fingers. Four, - the hero answers. You were mistaken, - the official says - I showed five. After series of terrible tortures he repeats the question. Five, - the hero answers. You deceived me, - the official laughs. - Saw four, and you tell five. I will torment you until you is valid, consciously and honestly will not see four fingers. And, eventually, the official of it tries to obtain. The author as if spotted through a gloom and horror of hell the truth about internal essence an eytsekhor. You will not tell about it better.

Here I also conducted research as I used to say father Immanuil in trying to note its manifestations in own everyday life. At the end of article I will give amazing results of this research for now councils to those who will want to consider the devil wrong side closer. It is possible to synthesize own an eytsekhor as follows: the first - noting the emotions arising at relationship with other people; the second - noting emotions on any information arriving from the outside world; and the third - noting the emotional acts (meaning that some emotion slipped unnoticed and already gave rise to action). Any aggressive emotion (an aggressive act as a result of this emotion) even if it is caused by your hundredfold correctness, is an emanation an eytsekhor. Any self-justificatory thought too. In the same row any sexual thought (and an act), except an inclination to own wife, naturally. Here rightfully we include thoughts of how to make happy someone. Do not analyze, and do not try to fight against it. A task at this stage - to record the phenomenon.

And now results of experience. It is detailed to paint and open an essence of all the thoughts and emotions during a day of experience I will not be. It means to bare before all honest people the cachectic, not causing any joyful emotions dushonka, and the stripper from me - any. Besides it now as it seems to me, it is essential demands mine an eytsekhor. Enough for surprise will be also what - eighty five percent of all my thoughts and emotions an eytsekhor was present at eighty undoubtedly, and percent in seventy directly directed possible consequences of these thoughts and emotions. Next day I complicated a task and tried to fight against its expansion. A fig at me, by and large, did not leave. Though in five cases I overcame its influence and I think that it already gives up some hope.

Why all this? - Yawning the missing reader will ask me. - If fight is so difficult and almost impossible whether it is worth making a fuss? Undoubtedly costs, at least in order that from the category friend and assistant the an eytsekhor to pass to understanding of it slave and to change the attitude towards him from the slave, friendly on the attitude, towards the owner. Successful fights to you with own an eytsekhor!

* SENSIBELNYY (from armor. sensus - feeling, feeling) - the subject comprehended by means of feelings.