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Whether 7 mortal sins are terrible to us? Part 1

the List of mortal sins appeared for the first time at the end of 4 centuries, and in the 13th century prince of philosophers the theologian Thomas Aquinas entered into use the list existing and until now, and consisting of seven mortal sins located in such order: Arrogance, Greed, Envy, Anger, Fornication, Gluttony, Despondency . In all orthodox (i.e. strictly adhering traditional views) religions different words and in a different order interpret options of the same most sinful actions and thoughts of the person. In ancient religions these sins, except for, maybe, sin of Fornication were anyway condemned too. And in folklore of almost all people of the world this seven was always exposed to condemnation or derision.

Therefore, censure of these sins belongs not so much to religious how many to universal morals. And so ancient that its emergence is lost in time when the person had no right to be an individual, and was only a brick in structure of the community. His life submitted to various taboos. Life and him, and its sort depended on following to these bans. However human society changed. Whether so dangerously to the person to neglect ancient taboos now?

And so, seven mortal sins - the most terrible, they lead soul to death. And the soul is the most valuable that we have. The soul in Christian concept is non-material, but is capable to think, feel and to work freely. In concept of philosophers - all this motives of reason, i.e. reason in pure form. Concept of psychologists about soul narrower: the soul is cumulative mental phenomena, including feelings and aspirations of the person; the soul is unreasonable, it is a bearer unconscious. Agree, religious idea of soul as about the boundless feeling reason possessing a freedom of choice besides with a possibility of immortality looks how more attractively.

But on the way to immortality of soul (or to a reason enlightenment, or to mental health?) there is an obstacle in the form of these most seven mortal sins - manifestations very household and habitual to us which we meet daily in ourselves and in people. Like anything special, but as noticed still ancient, having passed through a certain fatal threshold in abuse of a sin, the person loses soul and turns in plant (if it is pleasant - in zombie ) .

The person subject to to Arrogance , attributes the success and prosperity only to himself, the exclusive qualities. He communicates only with those whom considers equal to, without putting in anything the others. For example, the fancy jeep will not give way To " Zhiguli; because the driver considers himself more abruptly than abrupt. But the Arrogance and self-conceit imperceptibly lead to alienation from all other world. If the person loses a basis of the Arrogance (for example, it will be ruined), right there will take control of him Anger - rage on offenders, Envy - to the former environment and Despondency - exinanition and apathy from inability will adapt to the new quality of the poor. The arrogance holds down reason and has carefully hidden inferiority complex in a basis. And soul? The soul and Arrogance with great difficulty get on together.

Greed , greed, desire of a podgresta under themselves harden the person more. Greed forces to run roughshod over other`s feelings of others: look at brisk careerists, at network sales managers, at realtors, insurers who are often neglecting conscience. Besides, the grown rich person begins to be afraid of people and to trust nobody. Greed - a basis of the majority of crimes. It forces reason, without reckoning with anything, to go towards one narrow aim, and leads to neurosises and self-isolation. The soul under the influence of Greed decreases in proportion to growth of wealth. The realized Greed generates Arrogance at the person and the Envy and Anger directed to him - at others.

Envy - feeling daily and illogical. Why I was bypassed and did not lean against a gas pipe? - asks the senior generation. Word oligarch became almost abusive. Many are overflowed with hatred to rich ranking as them all who live better them. In the people there is a steady opinion: who has money - that thief. Envy is, as a rule, reaction to foreign Arrogance and generation of own unrealized Greed. Envy gives in a result to one more sin Despondency - to conscious discharge from affairs on the principle: I all the same will not grow rich, so why to try . Envy does not allow to develop to reason, excites the most low thoughts and actions and refuses to soul a freedom of choice, following a desire subject.

We will talk about other four sins in the second part of article.