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How to choose good useless food?

Now when shops are so sated with semi-finished products, and another useless miscellanea, we for some reason forget about those simple products which it is much more useful.

Of course, term useless food - the concept is relative. What I consider useless or empty food, what you consider as useless food can be perfect something other, than. Defining usefulness or uselessness of a product, I use the following criterion: I look at a label. In other words, if you make impression that to identify more than five ingredients from the structure specified on a label, you should be a chemist, then before you, most likely, useless food.

We cannot ignore ready food, eventually, we live in the real world. Frankly speaking, I even like some of ready-made products. They are very convenient and often rather tasty.

The main recipe is simple - try to adhere to as much as possible natural food. Many products sold in packing are exposed at factory to strong culinary processing therefore be attentive and read inscriptions on packing to see what contains in them, and already then solve, costs you them is or not. For example, whether there is in them a cellulose or soy?

People often use useless food because they like a certain smell or taste which, in their opinion, cannot be found in any other products. However try something more useful instead of usual useless food.

If you adore sweet and creamy, try yogurt or fruit ice cream.

If you like toffees, try dried fruits - it is natural " candies;.

If you like the crackling products, taste small carrots.

If it is pleasant to you crackling and salty, try dry pretzels with salt, dried vegetables or slightly prisolenny fried sunflower seeds of pumpkin.

If you adore hamburgers or jotas - mastiffs, try their vegetarian analogs prepared from soy. Many do not feel between them a big difference.

Try to find useful alternative of that to useless food which you love at any chance. If you lack the crackling fried potato, try thinly cut slices of a pear or apple.

Any food therefore if you cannot live without any product, it is necessary just to show sharpness is entered in your plan of a balanced diet. If from your point of view you do not carry this type of food to healthy in any way, do not abuse it, and you will feel then better.