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How to make out talents in the child?

As often parents at school should hear cruel phrases of teachers - your child not capable, dull, stupid, nothing will leave him! Yes parents also come to such conclusion, unsuccessfully trying to set the child for lessons or checking the diary with the two and remarks.

And it is terrible if an end by his closest people who cease to believe in him on the basis of school estimates is put to the child.

Robert Kiyosaki in the book Rich child, clever child writes: The School system is suitable to teach some children, but, unfortunately, to do not suit for training of all children at all. Therefore for parents it is vital to define natural talents of the child, to encourage their development and to protect them from the overwhelming concept of monotony .

Unfortunately, so far only one type of talent or intelligence - ability to read, remember and operate with information admits our education system. It can be measured by the intelligence quotient known for all - IQ. It is pleasant if it reads off scale and what to do to those who tries to hide rather its value from acquaintances? Not to lower a hand, and to learn that you possess other abilities and talents.

The American scientist Howard Gardner investigated the whole seven types of development of intelligence! It turns out that recognition is gained only by 14% of children, charge-off from the others as incapable. Fortunately, the nature of everyone allocated with talent, and important not only to make out it, but also to appreciate and develop then not to suffer an inferiority complex and an implementation failure.

The most known and recognized talent consists, pay attention, in of natural ability with interest to read and understand words, ability it is beautiful to tell recognized . It is important gift because generally quite so people collect information and share it. This talent is used in a habitual education system - recognition of information through books and its transfer through words. Could read, write beautifully and retell correctly - receive the five, could not, you mean the idler and the poor student, approximately teachers so argue.

And if the child has a digital talent ? Means, it with ease operates with figures, and mathematics and accounts department for it the live world. Unfortunately, this talent needs to be supported also with the beautiful letter, otherwise your child all the same will receive for correctly made, but badly written task not above the four. Generally this talent will be recognized, only when the class will be divided into humanists and physicists - mathematicians.

And there can be at the child a spatial talent ? It is inherent in many creative people - artists and designers. At school such children perfectly draw and draw, but can awfully write and consider, receiving the two. As a result parents and they cease to appreciate the talent and do not develop it.

In what the physical talent is shown by ? In ability to own the body. This talent is demanded not only in sport, the ballet, choreography, but also in mechanics, construction, a household, any manual skills. Such people hardly study through reading, but well understand and remember, having seen once and having tried.

Personal talent . It is called still emotional . This type of intelligence is responsible for control that ourselves say to ourselves therefore it is one of the most important types of intelligence. Many fail at all not because they lack knowledge but because are afraid to lose, they think of it, and they lower hands. So many rather talented people live in dread to make a mistake in the life and therefore do not declare themselves. Ability to study on the mistakes, to derive benefit from failures also belongs to this type of talent.

Interpersonal talent . It can be found in children who easily and easy communicate with any person. In the future such people are allocated with a special charm - to them as to a magnet, people around extend, want to communicate with them. The most famous singers, actors, speakers, sellers are people who believed in themselves and developed interpersonal talent.

Not to everyone it is allowed to have gift of communication with world around on first-name terms - to understand trees, to plants, fishes, animals, the earth. Children with this talent very kind, open, soft and though they can badly study at school, become fine farmers, trainers, veterinarians subsequently.

So, everyone is talented at least in one area! And in any other sphere it is possible for ability and it is necessary to develop, without expecting at the same time estimates and believing in itself!