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From what dear habits it is necessary to disaccustom a cat?

you bring to the house of a kitten, darling, a gentle lump of fur and your happiness. No matter, where you took it: found on the street or bought elite and expensive in nursery, the kitten can have a mass of already acquired lovely habits.

For example, our fluffy lump very much liked to clamber on my terry dressing gown, to sit on my neck and to fill up. It was my immense happiness until the lump turned in lump Weighing 4,5 kg. Here became not to laughter and tendernesses not to mention that the favourite terry dressing gown became similar by this time on " too; fluffy lump . I should have disaccustomed urgently a cat to jump on a back: for a start I changed clothes (down with a terry dressing gown), now it is not so convenient to jump on me, knowing that you will surely slide off (and by sight, brilliant silk pushes away a cat).

It is similar to a habit to climb trees to climb up pleasure curtains (it concerns to little kittens). I advise not to hang up openwork curtains to which tiny claws so well cling. Any cat will not attempt upon brilliant and smooth curtains.

Many cats sleep with the owners in a bed. Well when the cat does not walk, wipe with her paws after a toilet (yes, it is necessary to pay for this lovely habit to have a sleep with me excess courting for a cat). But my cat does not walk down the street. And now present such picture: comes from walk your, already full of fleas happiness lump (fleas live not only on animals, they can catch for your favourite and on a lawn where before it the homeless dog or a cat rolled about), flops on your pillow.

Agree, it is not really pleasant to understand it. And still what owners have to consider: our favourites can catch from vagrant animals rage and other diseases from which also you can suffer. Therefore either walks, or your bed.

The following habit, more true to sharpen need of a cat claws (not superfluous to remind that it is necessary to watch claws because and cats, alas, have vroshchenny claws and then it is threatened by surgical intervention). If your cat does not want to sharpen claws about a kogtetochka, and it happens, well she prefers sofas and wall-paper, determine by it the place on a wall, beat a piece of an old carpet (it is how many not a pity) and every time you watch that the cat sharpened claws exactly there, frighten off it from wall-paper and a sofa the water gun or a spray (so that she did not see who does it). However, I know owners of a cat who after expensive repair made in the apartment subjected the cat to execution in the form of a vyryvaniye of claws (it was made in veterinary clinic). But agree, it is very cruel to a cat.

To disaccustom a cat there are your flowers on window sills it is almost impossible, though there is exit: it is necessary to refuse the most well-loved by a cat of flowers (all the same will eat, and why to you the eaten-around flower), get rid of poisonous flowers, they can do harm to your alumna. And you part the others on health. From myself I will notice, our cat never attempted upon violets, to a sheffler, a ficus, succulents. By the way, we tried to give to a cat sheet salad, and already several years our cat with pleasure consumes it, considerably having grown cold by the flowers.

One more problem is wires. If you bought a cat in nursery, then usually such cats are accustomed not to pay attention to wires. And if is not present? Again start the water gun as peregryzenny a cat the wire can bring problems not only to you, but also her (blow current).

Once again I want to notice: consider all dear habits of your kitten as his momentary pleasure, and as daily ritual your the subsequent with it lives also I assure you, habits will not seem to you such darlings!

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