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How to keep in the house order, or the Case, entropy and Newton binomial of

... Really, how? It even more important philosophical question, than how not to iron trousers . To what it is inconvenient when in a case a dump, and things are rumpled, and to find in a rush of nothing., It seems, I precisely remember that I in this here to a heap noticed the second striped sock yesterday. Nobody touched a heap, and today it is absent! One is, and there is no another. And all my mood - to take a walk in striped socks - to nothing. It is necessary to wait for mood to take a walk in one striped " sock; and it at me happens rather seldom.

So, how to keep order in cases? And also in clothes, wardrobes, suitcases, sideboards, bufetika, hills, shukhlyadka, a compartment, chests and storerooms? About bookcases I even will not begin because systematization and cataloguing of books and the account carried away a year ago by good friends for couple of days Garcia of Marquez - in general a question very heavy. I do not speak any more about the collection of the Japanese dramas of theater But which in general unclear for whom on horse-radish was necessary, but it is absent! No, no. We will be limited to life.

Here, for example, the shelf with underwear. To throw out an unpleasant crumpled a lot of cowards and socks on a sofa for establishing order - it can do everyone. More difficultly another - to be defined how then to put all this. To develop, I will not be afraid of this word, kontseptsyyu ! And this no laughing matter, and even somewhere demands combinatory, excuse for expression, abilities.

I will explain. Let`s approach mathematically. Let`s say for not mixing of diverse things you decided to spread out them on paper bags. It should be made efficiently. It is possible to place each accurately put thing in a separate kulechek and to put all this back. In limit case can be demanded even the room in a special kulechek of each sock. But whether there will be it an order? No, no and no. what happens after the first appeal to a stack? Wishing to take out the most distant thing in a rush of haste, you will inevitably put the others in order of the same primitive chaos aggravated also the irritating rustle of kulechok. If you guessed to place things also in OPAQUE kulechka, then (it is practically the Song of songs) the heap of things on the shelf, a heap of kulechok on a floor and the gone tickets at cinema will be the resulting result.

Therefore, such way is no good. Things should be grouped, but it is necessary to group them, naturally, intelligently. Room (other limit case!) ALL things in ONE bag will yield exactly the same end result: a heap of things, the thrown empty bag. What clearly shows us: the advantage of structuring is distributed according to the schedule of normal distribution (you remember, such sloping hill). At the left - packing on one (the advantage is close to zero, but it is not equal to it as all of you tided up), on the right packing in total in one bag approximately with the same advantage. And in the middle - a hillock, some maximum of advantage which we will also look for.

That it is far not so simple. The conceiving individual will come across dualism at once: to group in specific to a sign (socks with socks, pants with pants) or in temporary (warm separately, summer separately)?

Both options have both the advantages, and shortcomings. The specific principle it is formal more simply - it is not necessary to think, whether to carry this thing to warm or not. Temporary - it is more logical. If the listed products not two, and are more (and it more!) for example, N names, in case of specific packing we have N bags, and in case of temporary again - two. But! in each of these two packages again - it is necessary to do sorting , see everything at first - and we receive packing of the second order !

Of course about the increasing complexity of process in that case when things more than one person are stored in a case! Whether to pack them by personal principle or besides on season ? Complexity grows exponential! And not to do without combination theory at all. Combinations, placements and shifts is what each housewife has to realize, and it is already practically Newton binomial! I do not joke - quantity of options of packing, number of packs, packages, piles and other just and represents binomial coefficients . Quantity of the spent units of time - of number of Fibonacci (for each following packing time is summarized with previous).

And that the most interesting - all your binomial goes to nothing after single search by your husband favourite old socks, well those in a section which you threw out for a cause of infringement of connectivity of a cotton surface long ago (on simple - holes). In a case the same truly primitive Chaos is established.

And cleaning in a case - only one of many and many economic cares! It is also known that the necessary can of jam always costs at the most distant wall of a closet, soda is in a jar with the inscription " Tea; in which there was always a salt, and on the heaviest and slippery pot of honey the cover leaky sits...

Entropy always wins. But it does not mean that it is not necessary to fight against it! What there is also a maintaining a household how not continuous fight against entropy and aspiration of the world to chaos? we Will glorify this fight, and the most important - we will think how we were tired, and we will pass to reading (writing) the following article...