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What it is useful to add to tea? Tea not vodka - you will not drink

much. Nonsense all this. You will drink. If you want. But business at all not in quantity, and in the process, so to speak, drink. It would seem, what is simpler, gave in a glass some tea, put a vase with jam, bungled sausage or cheese sandwich, and here it is process. But not so everything is simple. A variety of ways of tea drinking blows the mind. The first that occurs - it is, of course, tea with a lemon.

It is necessary to tell that to drink tea with a lemon thought up in Russia even at the end of the 19th century. And it we work the invention still not for nothing. The matter is that in combination with a lemon nutritious, curative properties of tea amplify: it restores better become invalid, satisfies thirst. For this reason tea is drunk nowadays on the Russian sample with a lemon, as a rule, in tropical countries - India, Egypt, Iran, Turkey.

Not less than with a lemon, also tea with milk is popular. Especially inhabitants of Foggy Albion succeeded in it. And not for nothing! Mix of tea and milk or cream is very easily acquired by a human body and, besides, possesses the strengthening and stimulating qualities. Chaynomolochny mix - a good prophylactic for warm-hearted and kidney patients, and also at a nervous breakdown.

A here Mongols drink tea with oil.

It is even more, than the lemon and milk, change natural aroma and taste of tea various spices. In hot tea of spice aggravate the own aroma which often does not have nothing in common with aroma tea.

Is absolutely harmless for our latitudes the use of tea with a peppermint, caraway seeds, an anisetree, ginger and fragrant and bitter pepper. And here the continuous use of such spices as cardamom, a carnation, a nutmeg, can cause the strengthened action or irritation of bodies of internal secretion therefore there can come the depression.

For this reason use spices with tea in extremely small doses and and it is rare.

Not so considerably, as with spices, the use of tea with various fruit. Fruit do not cause any deteriorations in nutritious and curative properties of tea, on the contrary these properties amplify and supplemented. Usually add raisin, melkonarezanny apples or natural juice to tea.

Sugar. This word, apparently, is the integral satellite of the word " tea;. And how actually? Far not everywhere sweeten tea. It is done only in Europe and which - where in the Middle East.

Added in a small amount, sugar improves taste of tea infusion, and here too high doses muffle unique tea aroma, kill B1 vitamin and worsen taste. Therefore it is expedient to drink tea with very small amount of sugar. As for candies, chocolate and east sweets, it is necessary to remember that all of them contain sugar and a number of odorous substances that, naturally, muffles natural gentle aroma of tea. It is very doubtful that it is possible to take original pleasure from correctly prepared tea, jamming it candies. And here to drink unsweetened tea after sweet is already eaten, much better.

It is the best of all to drink tea from the pure, dry and deprived of foreign smells china. Tea has to be hot, but it is not necessary to burn it. Small drinks and a delay of tea in an oral cavity will prevent hit of too hot liquid in a gullet and a stomach.

the Tea cooled loses the aroma and taste. Also you should not leave for a long time tea in an open cup and especially to give some tea in a saucer - it increases an evaporation surface, so, will weaken aroma. to All I wish to

pleasant tea drinking!