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What was the death penalty?

Yes, at all times the death penalty existed. Only forms of its implementation changed. Question What for? we will leave beyond the scope of this article. Let`s consider only what forms of this punishment were if, of course, it is possible to call it punishment.

Hanging . How many trees left on construction of gallows - not to consider. And when time was not - hung up directly on boughs of trees. At the time of witch-hunt in the United States of America sentenced hung up on gallows, and then alloyed on the rivers - that all saw what fate can wait for them.

Even Hitler and other war criminals were sentenced to death through hanging. And also recently was the sentence to Saddam Hussein is carried out. It is quite widespread type of execution, but as you understand, not only.

Beheading . Picture Morning of streletsky execution practically all remember. Too very widespread type of execution in due time, but at the present stage of development of society it takes place only at the militarized groups in the intensity centers on the political map of the world.

From process of beheading by means of the axe it was invented new devices for execution - a guillotine . How many the heads departed by means of this really infernal device. Many consider that this device was constructed by Frenchman Giyoten, but was proved that similar devices were used in England and before. However more aristocratical method - by means of the axe or a sword was applied to execution of richer people.

But it nothing in comparison with so-called the aggravated types of the death penalty - boiling in oil, wine or water, a kolesovaniye, quartering and a razrezyvaniye, a crucifixion, burning, an instillation live, deleting of skin, a pulling of guts, zality throats metal or pitch, staining by hunger, a zasecheniye etc. and each of these punishments allowed the most various shades and combinations.

In case of each sentence the death penalty could be supplemented with such trifles as a body breaking the heated nippers, cutting belts from a back, cutting of breasts etc. And it not something thought up or borrowed from the movie, or an isolated fact in the history. These are mass types of execution, almost everywhere widespread.

At the time of inquisition in Europe trials of heretics with immediate enforcement of the sentence were everywhere carried out by . Huge fires for burning of accused towered. I am afraid that across all Europe there were few days when at least one execution would not be carried out. Many aristocrats and even kings, such as, the king of France Louis XVI, the king of England Charles I were executed.

In the present the death penalty also takes place to be, but forms of reduction of such terrible sentence in life changed. At the beginning of the 20th century the new type of the death penalty - an electric chair was invented. Not so long ago there was a new look - a lethal injection. It is considered that it is the most humane and painless type of execution.

Well and the most widespread type of execution at the time of Gestapo and People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs - execution. Quickly, conveniently, easily. Sentenced - to a wall - Bach - you take out. Still rumors about ominous cellars on Lubyanka where, allegedly, shot objectionable go. Execution was actively applied also at the time of civil war in Russia. Even one of ways of murder of vampires is the shot a silver bullet.

All - society around the world seeks not to use such type of punishment and to avoid application of the death penalty in general. Most often the death penalty is replaced with the lifelong or very long term of imprisonment.

But let all this will remain only history!