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What problems at student`s self-government?

On Thursday April 26 within the walls of the case of Law department of VGU there took place the conference devoted to questions of student`s self-government and discussion of a role of youth non-profit organizations in formation of civil society. I happened to visit there personally. Well, I report on the general public on an event within the walls of the highest educational case of our city.

Conference organized a youth human rights movement Resistance . Members of this organization tried wonderfully well, inviting participants. In limonno - yellow and it is bright - orange applets which were given to all guests and participants, deputies, heads, the famous lawyers, students of the Moscow, Petersburg and Voronezh higher education institutions appeared Everything is good if not the number of participants. In the list 17 people appeared. In practice there were also speakers who in the program were not mentioned. Each performance on regulations had to 5 - 7 minutes last The queen of sciences of the mathematician does not see anything strange that conference dragged on for three hours. The break and having a snack for restoration of forces of listeners in the program was not so tired students somewhere after the fifth performance began to desert groups. Having seen that the hall steadily becomes empty, organizers of conference took the initiative. Ardent appeals to show a civic stand took some effect and held the most part of listeners on the places.

Well, first pancake always lump. If to consider that for children it was the first experience of the organization of conference, one may say, that everything passed well. There is a wish to hope that in the future they will consider the mistakes, and similar actions will take place more productively. And that such events need to be held regularly at me personally doubts do not arise.

At conference was talked about participation of youth in life of society, about its civic stand. Members of conference in turn declared that the youth has to play a huge role in development of the country that it has to have an opportunity to express the opinion and to influence events. The famous Voronezh lawyer Sergey Vladimirovich Borodin explained to listeners that they have full authority to create non-profit organizations and public associations and nobody in it will interfere with them. Of course, if the organizations do not interfere with policy. Podbolotov Sergey Aleksandrovich, the head of civic human rights reception Civic chamber promised the youth wishing to unite in the organization, the help and support from Civic chamber. The head a press - services NPO Resource center of the Chernozem region Maxim Stribny told how youth non-profit organizations can get information support.

After high-ranking officials of our city acted students from the different cities, telling about student`s self-government in the higher education institutions. Also representatives of large youth associations - MDAD " acted; Ours and Young Guard . Naturally, the word and organizers of conference - the movement " told; Resistance . They told about own organization. Children did not begin to be exchanged for trifles - civil cases, administrative offenses, etc. They decided to undertake the criminal code at once - to help the victims of crimes. The help is reduced to the fact that children help the victims of crimes to make correctly statements of claim and other similar documents. Also psychological assistance is supposed. Movement Resistance works in many cities of our country, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg.