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You want to learn a foreign language?

are known to All that learning of foreign language is given easier at younger age when at the child still fresh the brain perceiving new skills and knowledge. It is visible that children study quicker, than adults. They quickly learn to play computer games, to photograph from the mobile phone, and even to parody seniors.

What to do to seniors? In - the first, you should not forget that the person studies all life. The one who wants does more, than the one who can. My work consists in teaching chemistry in English, and there are several councils which need to be considered at learning of foreign language.


of the Practician, practician and once again practician. The person living in the foreign country learns language of that country much quicker, than the person learning the same language in the homeland. It is natural and unambiguous. To buy bread in shop, he needs to know how there will be a word " bread; in a foreign language.

Without practice you will promote a little. If there is at all no opportunity to practice at work, I advise you to practice at home.

1. To come on foreign a web - the websites where you will find interesting information.

2. To watch movies, transfers, to listen to radio in that language which you want to learn.

3. To correspond on the Internet with the person at whom your learned language is native.

You learn every day

to Learn language every day - an important aspect of learning of foreign language. You teach it every day, at least 20 minutes a day. Never refuse. Not to throw - means to finish business for 80 percent.

I Suggest to learn language before going to bed when you were tired and are weakened.


Read not heavy literature, but easy books. For example, it is possible newspapers, magazines from the Internet, small books.

Load e-books on the mobile phone and read in free time. You will read it everywhere, in the bus, in a waiting time or during a lunch.

Ya lived in a boarding school and I remember the boy who glued pieces of paper on a door of the case on which aphorisms, words and their translations were written in a foreign language. That is, this pupil every time when opened a door of the locker, saw this expression or the word. He understood that if many times to read the same word, it will remain in memory.

All of us know that value of the offer in English I love you means I love you . Why we do not know how will be I hate you ? The answer is simple. You everywhere, inadvertently or specially, meet I love you perhaps, it is written at an entrance, on a table or on a t-shirt.

It is also possible to do notes on the cell phone, we look about 50 times a day at the screen of mobile if it is no more. to

I of course, read simple books. you not only learn

With books words, but also learn grammar.

Carry out a dictation in a class. After a dictation it will be clear which of pupils reads much and who does not.

U you will be a problem of misunderstanding of offers. But it is not important. I remember

Ya how my teacher of English spoke: Never you translate all words in the offer. If you understood major importance of the offer, then at once pass to the following .

You learn a foreign language in group

Collective - business progress. Without collective you will hope for yourself, to do indulgences for itself in the course of studying to forget about necessary aspects.

You teach somebody

to Learn - means to study. I can tell on the experience: I did not understand a lot of things in chemistry, but when I had to explain it to other people, I opened all new and new knowledge. I Remember

how one pupil asked me about one substance. I answered honestly that I do not know, but then separately opened the book and read about this substance. I obtained enough information, and now was ready to tell any person about this substance. you Want to learn

- you teach somebody. You teach children, the wife, the husband, the native person, the colleague and even the person, the acquaintance on the Internet.

And never throw! Day when also you with amazement listen to a foreign television channel on which there will be interesting TV program will come.