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Whether it is possible to learn to write competently or Why there are books with mistakes? Part 1. Artful dictionaries

What is a spelling error? If it is short, then this discrepancy of your writing of the word with its writing in the dictionary. Not without reason here and there councils sound to be imposed with dictionaries and to be quiet for the literacy.

Alas, not so everything is simple how it seems. In - the first if we compare dictionaries of ten-year prescription (even if they are republished from year to year) and dictionaries today`s, then we will find a set of discrepancies. You will tell, it is necessary to use dictionaries the last, modern? Then here to you in - the second: modern dictionaries of different authors contain a huge number of discrepancies too. Moreover, same slovnik, for example Russian spelling " dictionary; under V. V. Lopatin`s edition, left in 2004, fine differs from itself in the edition of 2005. To complete the picture I will add that the dictionary the Internet - the " portal; Diploma. ru referring to Lopatin, in something does not coincide neither with the first edition, nor with the second. From there are conclusions:

1. If you met a mistake in the book - perhaps, at you and at the author mistakes different dictionaries. The same treats cases when to you point to a mistake.

Important note: the obvious slip (typographical error) is not considered a spelling error - similar mistakes are called eye (differently - glaznushka ) . For such mistakes the school or examination mark should not decrease, however for them proofreaders in publishing houses get it in the neck.

2. If you or your child - the school student or the entrant, learn what dictionaries examiners use at your school (in your higher education institution). If you did not make it, in case of a low mark surely look what mistakes are made, - are possible, you will manage to defend the correctness, having referred to the concrete dictionary (the textbook, etc.) .

How solve a problem of dictionary discrepancies of publishing house? As a rule, in each publishing house it is accepted to use some one spelling dictionary. Besides, for proofreaders are formed so-called Instructions with the indication of writing of separate words. You, probably, are surprised, but in different editorial offices of the same publishing house can work and work different Instructions .

Now several words about computer editing. On the " pages; Schools of Life already the appeal not to trust the computer sounded. The appeal is correct and not only because the computer reads out not all mistakes, sometimes advises to correct correct on wrong, but also - as you already, most likely, guessed, - its dictionary can differ from that which is necessary to you.

And the last. Lack of mistakes in books of Soviet period - the myth. What in them it was valid less, so glaznushka (see above). No, not because literacy of writers and proofreaders was higher as many think, - just time for reading was taken away slightly more and the number of readings reached sixteen - eighteen on the book.

Part 2. Whimsical author

Part 3. Intended mistakes