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How to prepare a holodnik with shrimps?

Being an inveterate fisherman, I not always have an opportunity to leave on fishing therefore found several toys - simulators, and now in free time I catch fish of the house, without departing from the computer. But I want to tell not about it. In one of games which is called Russian fishing or Russian Fishing, productions www. doka. ru, is besides a toy the recipe-book. I found the recipe which I hurry with you to share in it. This dish " is called; Holodnik with shrimps and I was enraptured with it. So, here recipe:

On 300 g of shrimps - 2 eggs, 2 fresh cucumbers, 100 g of green onions, 100 g of sour cream, 1,5 l of grain kvass, fennel, salt to taste.

Shrimps to boil, clear of an armor and to cut. To cut cucumbers thin straws. To cut green onions small pieces; to pound with a small amount of salt before emergence of juice. The hard-boiled egg small to chop - separately egg white and yolk. To put the crushed egg yolks in the cooled sour cream, to part with kvass, to add the prepared onions, cucumbers, shrimps, the chopped egg whites, to mix, strew with the crushed fennel.

But I would not be myself if did not try to experiment with a dish, new to himself. Therefore several own developments on the basis of the recipe given above.

We always do okroshka not with kvass, and with fermented baked milk. Therefore, having tried a classical holodnik, naturally, could not but make this dish on fermented baked milk or kefir. After several experiments, it is necessary to tell very successful too, stopped as a result on the " fermented milk product; Thane . In my opinion, this drink most fully emphasizes taste of this okroshka.

Still the good result was yielded by mixing of shrimps with mussels, taste turned out more saturated, rich. And I cooked mussels together with shrimps and then cut small pieces (each mussel on four parts). It was made not to kill taste a large piece which would be allocated from bulk of okroshka.

And on snack one council. Having made a holodnik and having filled in with his kvass or (if decide to try my option) Thane let`s an entertainment be drawn a little. It much more will improve its taste. Bon appetit!

If the speech came about fermented milk products, I cannot pass by usual okroshka. All, probably, know the classical recipe of okroshka with kefir, the most tasty dish, but on my taste, it is a little rather empty . Ate, and in an hour forgot . And I decided to remake a few this dish under the gastronomic addictions. At once I warn, from women who got used to consider by that this dish dietary, my option will not approach. And all rest who not so strongly worries about the waist size, it I think, will please.

Okroshka on fermented baked milk.

Products: chicken breast (boiled): 300 g, pickle: 2 pieces, fresh cucumber: 2 pieces, green onions: 100 g, potatoes boiled: 2 - 4 potatoes, greens: to taste (it is possible to add any which is pleasant), egg boiled (hard-boiled, it is natural): 2 pieces, fermented baked milk of 3,2%: 1 l, kefir of 3,2%: 0,5 l, sour cream or mayonnaise: to taste.

(Except fermented baked milk, kefir and sour cream) to cut all products with cubes, to mix, add salt to taste and to fill in the turned-out salad with mix of fermented baked milk, kefir and sour cream / mayonnaise.

I have a big family therefore I cook this okroshka in a large number if it does not suit you, safely divide all products on 2. By the way, one more important advantage of this okroshka, it can stand several days, and taste only benefits from it.

Well, here, perhaps, and everything that I can offer you from dishes which part fermented milk products are. All the matter is that I am not a big fan of kefir and fermented baked milk, and was not engaged specially in dishes from them. But I always eat these two kinds of okroshka with pleasure what I and to you wish!