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How it is correct to bake eclairs?

call Eclairs in the people choux pastry (as dough is made). Process of preparation of eclairs is very simple, and it is easy to bake them. Taste is excellent. You will surely lick fingers! I recommend to all sweet teeth.

What is necessary for preparation of the test?

150 g of the

flour 1 glass of

water 100 g of the

butter 1 tablespoon of

sugar 3 - 4

eggs 1 h salt spoon.

We warm an oven to 180 C.

In a saucepan we connect oil, salt, sugar and water. We bring to boiling. I recommend not to leave far from a plate, liquid it is necessary to stir slowly constantly slowly. As soon as weight begins to boil - we remove from fire.

Further I use the mixer (it is possible to mix and manually). We add flour.

Is important: to pour on slightly - slightly, to disturb constantly!

Then we allow the test to cool down a little (two minutes for this purpose will be enough).

Is entered on one 3 eggs.

Is important: dough should not be very hot!

the Received weight has to turn out approximately sour cream consistences. That is not abrupt but also not fluid. If weight too dense, it is admissible to enter one more egg.

And the most important, dough has to shine and be smooth!

by the Spoon is spread on a baking sheet, in the form of balls. Be not afraid that dough is a little will spread in an oven it will surely rise. Leave to

distance between balls. It is possible to use the confectionery syringe and to squeeze out correct eclairs of oblong shape. But provided that you are able to do it. Otherwise the form will not turn out, and eclairs will be not really beautiful.

We bake 20 - 25 minutes. Not to open an oven, not to move eclairs! If dough settles, then it will not rise any more. Put, and for 20 minutes forgot. Then it is possible to look if the look ruddy - can be taken out from an oven. Surely we cool. We fill with cream.

With what cream it is possible to fill them?

of Option two. The first is a usual oil cream. I not really love it because it turns out too fat.

is pleasant to me dairy More - a custard. It is easy, air and nice to the taste.

What is necessary for preparation of dairy cream?

50 g of

icing sugar 2 yolks

25 g of cornmeal (if is not present, then it is possible to replace with usual flour)

vanillin on a tip of a knife

250 ml. milk.

We shake up a nimbus (or the mixer) sugar with yolks - until weight does not become magnificent, and powder will not be dissolved. Then we add flour. And again we shake up - flour will not mix up yet. Milk we put

on fire, we add vanillin, we bring to boiling. Began to boil, we remove, we pour in milk in yolk weight.

Is important: to add milk gradually that eggs not to weld ! If to interfere with the mixer and to pour a thin stream - problems will not be. As soon as entered milk, again fast you return all weight on fire (it is possible to pour weight in a saucepan where milk began to boil).

Is important:

it is constant to b to stir slowly! To bring to boiling. To boil 1 minute. If stirred all the time, weight will turn out uniform. If all - turned out lumps it is possible to filter through a sieve. We put in the refrigerator. Then we fill with this cooled weight eclairs.

If you love chocolate, it is possible to take half-chocolate bars and a table spoon of oil, to put on a water bath, to kindle weight, it is good to mix, to cool a little and from above to grease each eclair with chocolate.

of appetite Pleasant to you!