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As well as about what to speak with the man?

In five years we think that at them it is simple to eat a faucet which at me too here - here will grow. In ten years we are sure of unearthly love of Vasya from a parallel class because last night he wrote on a fence Katya - silly woman and today threw in me the portfolio. In fifteen we suspect them of hopeless backwardness from life because when he kisses, it turns out is wet and smells of beer. And only to years to twenty we begin to realize their true essence. Men - these are gentle beings with vulnerable mentality. Well and how with such to fight with them? And it is not necessary to fight. It is rather simple to talk. And here is how and about what ….

In each concrete situation we arrive differently. Here plays a role and the status of the considered man (chief / darling / brother / friend / cellmate), and his age (20 years / 30 years / 50 years / 80 years / do not live) so much, and even drawing on his tie (stripe / section / circle / Mickey - mice). Having addressed experience of generations, it is possible to tell the following:

1. Interest

Attention!! Old stuff is peddled!! Drumbeat … It is necessary to talk To the man that it is interesting to him. Uf … Old stuff was peddled. Did without the victims.

Natural question: what is interesting to the man? The list of banalities is rather big so is what to choose from. Offhand it is possible to call sport, policy, money, cars, cinema, music. These subjects represent extreme extent of generalization of hypothetical interests of the representative of a strong half of mankind. At all not the fact that this concrete object of adoration supports a soccer team of CSKA just because he is a man and lives in Moscow. And suddenly his foggy youth passed in St. Petersburg, and since those immemorial times it remains is right To the Zenith ?

2. A compliment

In any situation, under any weather conditions and water temperature in the Pacific Ocean always by the way such piece as a compliment. A linguistic delicacy and florid verbal designs is not necessary. Elementary You perfectly look! will present to any man a cheerfulness charge, and to you - its arrangement. Just because men cannot for some reason do compliments, they so appreciate them. Main condition - sincerity. If there is a desire to be allocated, then it is necessary to make effort. Everyones are best of all remembered risibility. Gods, you have smart boots! One left, other right. They are so harmoniously combined with each other! I am struck. In ten. Will remember precisely.

3. Special article

Conversation with men on men - it is always fascinating. And it is difficult. You will begin to extol someone - vzrevnut. Especially nervous in a rush just (from their point of view) anger will jump from the place, will throw up a hand and will specify a way like a monument to Lenin, having specified for fidelity the direction the phrase Here also slide to it, time it is such remarkable! . If you remember and sound in turn all shortcomings of the discussed companion, then you risk to develop at the interlocutor paranoia and the notion of compulsion And suddenly she in the same way about me tells any mucks to someone?! . Neither that, nor other option suit us at all. Where exit?

It is possible not to discuss, of course, other men at all. However later couple of talk collision with some difficulties in the solution of an objective is inevitable in the above-designated way. It is impossible to exclude a male subject from conversations in general! From a song of words you will not throw out, as they say. What needs to be done?

I offer two options. The first: let them discuss similar. It is necessary to allow to the man to be uttered. Let will express the developed opinion, will give arguments and arguments, will try to decide destiny of the world. The main thing to ask a clever question for generation of a new stream of a mysleizverzheniye in time. Heap of advantages! Especially for speaking. It will be able favourably to present itself(himself) in the light of the competitor (though and hypothetical), to choose tone of conversation, to filter undesirable subjects.

Second option: it is simple to joke. No, truth. Humour - unique weapon. Not irony and especially not satire. Just humour. The man will be in confusion whether such opinion is absolutely not clear, valid at his interlocutor or it is just a joke? Some share of mysteriousness and mystery will not prevent how you consider?

The weaker sex is stronger than the stronger sex, strong in view of weakness, to weak. It is known long ago. So we will support the stronger sex and we will speak about them or it is good or … Or it is ridiculous =)