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Whether so America for imitation is hopeless?

I want to come to an old age in America! - the girlfriend told, having seen hanging out God`s dandelions in a dance hall.

Concept an old age - not pleasure not for this country. Pensioners - the most carefree segment of the population using all pleasures of life. Earlier they were inaccessible from - for lack of free time. Children are let out in independent life for a long time, years with 16. Concepts to help children or to nurse with grandsons, so far children work is not present in use. Several family holidays in a year where all are each other glad and give gifts - quite enough for feeling of the head of family. Both to share the problems, and it is not accepted to solve problems of neighbors, for this purpose there are psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. Therefore at a table all are successful, friendly, smiling!

Beauty shops, fitness - at restaurants - all this any pensioner to some extent is able to afford the centers, clubs for interests, a casino, lunches. Even living on the minimum pension (about $500). Discounts for senores (so elegantly call this generation) there are very considerable. The long-term credits (housing, education) to this term are already extinguished. There are expenses on quality of life including on faultless teeth without lisping. Here where strict compliance with law of dialectics - transition of quantity (the lived years) to quality (lives) is observed. Nursing homes correspond to the level of old men - it is the institutions providing everything freedoms of the residents and added with necessary care and leaving.

Disabled people , at first sight, in America it is much bigger, than at us. But it is simple because there they can move and lead active lifestyle, everything is for this purpose made. Ramps for wheelchair invalids in all offices, elevators, toilets, road intersections, buses, motorized carriages in supermarkets, tourist objects with asphalt paths and hand-rail, etc. The parking designated about shops (the parking not by right on this place involves serious sanctions), and cars, not Oka In many shops disabled people work as regular employees, do some feasible job like distribution of booklets. I cannot estimate sufficiency of a disability pension and social protection, thank God, closely it was not necessary to face this problem. And the outer side allows to estimate care of the state of the citizens who appeared in a hard situation.

Roads - their quantity, a state and the organization. At school on economic geography we learned that existence and quality of roads defines both industrial development of the region, and transport, and population, and a standard of living of the population (why in our villages of the foreign car even if the horse will pass with the cart not everywhere). If roads define quality of life, then it is the most obvious quality mark.

Patriotism Americans. National flag in each yard. The anthem is known and sing everything. Though, from my point of view - it is not enough on what based. The country of emigrants with history about 400 years. At the same time aboriginals are transferred to ethnic minorities and live in reservations. According to Hollywood, the American is a high blue-eyed blonde. In reality it is rather a Black or the Latino with blue eyes. Tried to pick up unambiguously American compliances to our Russian national symbols, not everything worked well.

the Nested doll - Barbie?

Ethnic cuisine (pancakes, Russian cabbage soup) - a turkey, pumpkin pie?

Kvass - Coca?

Vodka -?

the Kosovorotka - jeans?

the Kokoshnik - a cowboy`s hat?

the Balalaika - a banjo?

At all love of Americans to souvenirs was not succeeded to find an unambiguous symbol of America like our nested doll. Even they not strongly duplicate the Statue of Liberty, unlike the Eiffel Tower in France.

Credits and earnings . The widespread credit policy allows any person to create to itself that standard of living what he wants already today, to get an education, to buy housing. And already living in comfortable conditions, to fulfill the debts. At the same time though to take the credit though to extinguish it does not make any additional problem like visit of bank with a lot of guarantors, a regular visit of cash desk for repayment of the credit. Everything can be made without descending from a sofa. The minimum rate of compensation established by the government corresponds to a living wage in this region, i.e. allows the working person to live on the earnings. In this case the standard of living corresponds to earnings level though besides, thanks to the credits, maybe considerably to exceed it.

Ability of Americans to live for itself , here and now. Any person inherently the egoist, and the majority agrees that life - one. Therefore it is necessary to live it so that as our Pavka Korchagin told (the truth, in relation to an opposite situation) was not excruciatingly painful for aimlessly lived years . According to this rule their well-known privacy not my problems . Slogan think of the Homeland earlier, and then of yourself not capitalists thought up obviously. Though from prosperity of everyone and the country in general is similar to the blossoming bed.

Standardization of life . Without absurdity, as our large-panel housing construction with Twist of fate but comprehensive - from the dog doghouse to the Constitution. In their standards of discrepancies does not happen, non-compliance with standards is pursued under the law - it not the empty phrase.

About 10 years ago here also supermarkets , capable to act as certain touristic sites would enter. Though 80% of Russians from the remote place, familiar with a prototype of it on to optushka it and still impresses today.

Law-abiding . The main part of the population law-abiding taxpayers, than are proud and have the right to demand to themselves respect. Though as regards the publication of illogical, and even yumoristichny laws America will give odds even to our parliament. It seems that slogan each cook can operate the state it is international.

Certainly, America is what to be proud and eat what at them to study to. But, as our proverb, " speaks; the grass is green on the other side of the fence . Be happy in the house!