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Whether America will repeat history of Rome?

After viewing of the movie of Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9. 11 especially intellectual pricked up the ears. What happens to the USA? Why they deduct money from the budget and just like that give them to bands?

Behind the answer far it is not necessary to go: that they liquidated each other. What is characteristic, Americans of everyone sponsor, whenever possible without depriving anybody that forces were equal.

History this not so new, is closer to end of the Roman civilization, the Roman government did most too, namely armed the tribes which were unsteady along the Roman borders and brought gifts to voivodes who before their arrival were not observed.

they had a Purpose practically the same as at Americans, only instead of democracy, Romans through the chopped-off heads bore culture. Good fellows, you will tell nothing.

the Joke is that do not touch they these tribes, nothing would happen, silly and untrained to military science barbarians, even the chance was no against professional Roman army. And for all history of fights of Romans with barbarians, the last won only two (from several hundred skirmishes), and they from - for the fact that the part of the Roman army came over to the side the barbarian, i.e. it as in soccer won, different play same, only flags. But at the Roman army affairs were more important an izbitiya unfortunate the barbarian therefore this mission was assigned on the barbarian. As a result pobedyavshy the tribe began to drive all a subject and to kill from similar itself has became nobody. But barbarians so got used to the Roman leaders that they asked for its structure on what those gave them people, the territory and money. However did not hurry with the status.

I begins the most ridiculous here. Rome was divided into two camps, the army was delayed without knowing whom will obey, but unlike the last, the former barbarians of doubts had no and up to the end implicitly executed orders of the former management. At the end everything ended with the fact that survived gained independence and everyone went to dig the kitchen garden.

A ask me now that happens to America. Too most, however Americans know history not worse me therefore this year the defensive budget of the USA breaks all records, it is time to enter in Gines`s book.

By the way, Osana Bin Laden, directed one of similar to barbarians of tribes which began all to drive, was only silly to count that strong in spirit Muslims will assimilate to silly barbarians and to the last will be true.

Bush understood the mistake, well understood approximately as five-year-old, now to whom paid all - will kill, not for nothing the president has a right Veta. Romans did not guess before, bravo George, bravo. Give encore.