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What to do if at your cat kittens were born?

the First stage - to grow up them to a certain age.

Usually cats cope with childbirth, presence of the doctor, but always sometimes is necessary if it is possible, your presence, especially if first labor is desirable nearby.

You can calm young mother, facilitate a little process by the tender word or stroking, to track safety of kids from casual injuries the first minutes after the birth.

Having just been born, the kitten goes to the power supply at once. If there are not enough newborns more than six, these sources. In this case it is necessary or to control access to them of everyone, or to think of an alternative way of bringing up of part of posterity: manually, the special mix bought in a veterinary drugstore or by means of other cat, differently someone from them can weaken and die.

It is recommended to have control scales for kittens: if there are essential distinctions in weight, it is worth taking measures. Good means for a raising of immunity is GAMAVIT - the inexpensive domestic preparation which well proved, not having contraindications and side effects.

It can be got in a vetapteka too, it is entered hypodermically, the syringe for insulin (it is bought in a usual drugstore), a dose 0,3 - 0,5 milliliters, the recommended course of 10 days, it is possible to begin in the very first days as prevention.

The growing-up kittens are transferred to independent food gradually: at the age of about three weeks begin to feed from a finger (special mix or cream of 10%) a bit later cottage cheese, the crushed meat, other products, to avoid salt and spices. At good training approximately by a month they will learn to eat.

The second stage is farther than - to find those hands to which you could give them. it is more correct, and it would be better to do for kids it at the age of three months when they are already quite independent, but...

If they belong to some breed, are born in the house of the manufacturer, and treat them: it is simpler to find owners, and these owners with other criteria, than potential owners of a simple cat or cat noble breeds.

The last are easier looked for until the touching of a tiny pussy with a blue haze was in the eyes replaced by usually less popular (unfortunately) appearance of the teenager with outlines of an adult being and already developed character and habits.

Therefore optimum age for sending to a new family for kittens without family tree - from five weeks to one and a half months. Announcements can be placed in newspapers, the Internet, pet-shops and vetklinik, the main thing that the place was visited, and information was not broken.

In the presence of photos chances of a pristroystvo increase. It is worth looking for owners as soon as possible (I can give interesting version of the announcement to which witnessed once: on a photo there were approximately monthly kisik, the text said: So our last kittens looked, and now we wait for the following! )

Whatever way you chose, the main thing: try to look for a new family...

When found, surely take coordinates for communication - on a case of future questions, unforeseen situations and simply, to have an opportunity to learn news about life of the pet, maybe, to see it the adult... Certainly, give with detailed instructions for leaving.

Schooling to a tray will be more successful if at once to put in it a rag, or a piece of paper with the previous traces of a kitten.

That did not scratch furniture, it is necessary to get a special kogtetochka and to put at first on it at desire to sharpen claws, will not get used yet.

Success in cultivation of new life which will become for someone a source of pleasure, care and happiness!