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We clash?

the Conflicts - it is always unpleasant. Especially hard they proceed when occur between close people. And, probably, sometimes all quarrels begin with simple obstinacy, obstinacy, the collected emotions, claims, misunderstandings. In the relations offenses, irritability, hostility begin.

Times even it seems that it is a little more - and two persons will not be able just to suffer each other. Though somewhere at heart, very well understand that will not be able just to leave, eat any thread which connects them, and at the same time perfectly understand that it is very difficult to maintain the relations. And the most awful that sometimes there is hatred.

In my opinion, hatred originates in disappointment. Just we find those qualities which we do not want to see near ourselves. And if we try to begin to talk, everything comes to an end with the same quarrel. All emotions, feelings come to light. And it aggravates situation even more. Such attitude towards the loved one, leads to the COMPLETE separation of the relations.

I try to be not the conflict person, but if I quarrel, then very in rare instances I take the first step to reconciliation. I have not really many true friends (I can count their quantity on fingers), but I take the conflicts with them very hard. Usually from - for the conflicts with my loved ones, me difficult sensibly to think, achieve goals, always quarrels are followed by bad mood, aggression, misunderstanding I can continue this list for a long time! And at these moments so there is a wish to feel support, to hear the most little, trifling advice, any joke . And, the most ridiculous that I well understand, as this person needs understanding, support for my part. It is necessary, (probably, many will understand me) to make a compromise and to take the first step to reconciliation The friendship renews. And, probably, gets stronger even more (naturally depends on the quarrel reason). It seems to me, it is worth agreeing with Alexandre Dumas`s statement: Who forgives, that is never sorry about it . However ability to forgive is the whole science which is not given everyone.

People - very interesting beings. All of them are different, with each new person in my life, I open, something new to myself (and naturally they get some part me). It is just necessary to accept each other such what we are actually. The conflicts, were, is and will be always, them not to avoid, just it is necessary to remember that the storm will cease, and us will be glad to listen and help again. It is necessary to remember that all that we do for our relatives, is much more pleasant, than we do, something for ourselves.

Sometimes it happens so that we come to a conclusion that all people are equally hypocritical, selfish... etc. It is just necessary to be able to choose correctly friends, in communication (that, unfortunately, happens very often) when we trust the most terrible, and we are betrayed... (by the way, I do not claim, as you have all quite so). Each person - the world. World of experiences, feelings, fears, thoughts, illusions and set of other things. Life is very difficult. At the moment, my small life experience shows that any relations do not do without the conflicts. Just adoption of the correct decision requires communication, an open exchange of opinions. It is necessary to try not to hurt anybody. It is very difficult, but it is necessary to aspire to it. Quite so has to be!