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From where the fear to make a mistake and why it is not necessary to be afraid of it undertakes?!

Surprisingly quickly change the World, the Fashion changes, our Addictions change.

Here only surprisingly with firmness with us there live our fears. Strakhov at us is a lot of. And our biggest fear - the Mistake! This

our Stop - the crane. And what here surprising? Let`s begin with the childhood. As always, there most often roots of our today`s problems.

The kid - the first attempt to take (to pull together) something from a table, so far mother distracted. And here bang - the glass (plate) on a gender, and of the child is the fearful glance. He was frightened for the present only a sound of the broken ware.

However at this moment mother - will frighten it even more! She can scold him (there is also it), and can even just grab on handles that did not step, and was not cut on splinters. And the heart at the kid will be hammered stronger. This state (nervousness doubly) is remembered by both! And maturing, we pass everything the same stage: act - a mistake - fear.

School - did not learn (or badly learned) a lesson. Was mistaken, saying the phrase of the poem. On a question how many there will be seven, increased by eight, - told forty eight . In a class a laughter rumble, and you, reddening, you sit down (if it is already possible) and to all other you receive an assessment two or at best rub .

Then we begin to love. First love, first feeling of attachment.

I suddenly again we make a mistake (acted not this way, not so looked, made not that). And our object turns away from us. Again Fear! Fear to make something not so! We begin to be afraid Step forward. It is always Fear - complexity - and the main thing, fear to be mistaken.

Well, today I will be afraid to step, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Then - I and will remain to stand still! I do not want

Ya of it. And you?

We daily overcome so many fears, but one fear - Active Action - not everything and therefore many remain to stand still overcome.

And so How All - to Get rid Of Fear to be mistaken, before Active Action? For this purpose - it is necessary to use planning. Statement of the purposes. To think on paper. And - to look at the most important to fear in eyes!

You, probably, now laugh? Also you think, absolutely this Victoria from a chair fell. Have you ever seen anything like it - on paper of thought to write and lose fear to make a mistake? No, I here did not fall, and even conveniently so I sit with a direct back, and you have a straight line? Is not present? Straighten now! Straighten shoulders, inhale more deeply, and read my sensible mind further.

And you are able to think on Paper? To plan the course of the actions? If never did it - make, at last! Now, today. Do not put off it. Tomorrow - never it happens!

But, the main thing that you just should understand and acquire: the mistake is a one step to success!

If Roz Avenue is covered with Beautiful, Fragrant, Magnificent Roses, Then the Track leading to success - is covered with mistakes! remember

I - there is no businessman, the businessman, the politician - which would not make a mistake. Also believe me if he was afraid to make a mistake, or it is even worse - having made a mistake, ceased to work - HE could not become the Successful person. He would not learn on own (invaluable) experience - how it is not necessary to do!

And I? Whether I had mistakes? Were! Is. Also will be! And I will not be able to escape from them anywhere (to hide, disappear). BUT I I face to Mistakes ! I do not pay, I do not sob, and I do not tell all as life badly treats me, sending me mistakes! I rejoice! Silly, you to what here to rejoice will tell?

I will answer - is to what. When the person something does

for the first time - he very often is mistaken.

Clever second time will not make a mistake!

Silly will repeat it twice, and even three times.

But, I Sacredly Believe that you, my dear reader, the Cleverest Person on light. And always (every day) you analyze the mistakes. Otherwise, it is not worth a pin for these (not considered) mistakes.

When you understand how it was not necessary to do - the second time you so will not make not for the world. Also you will look for other way. And it is already progress! New road. Creative.

Here be also not afraid to be mistaken. How was, you will precisely know HOW it is not NECESSARY to DO. And it is already a lot of!

Let`s draw conclusions.

Mistakes - need to be analyzed.

of Mistakes - it is impossible to be afraid (the fear will paralyze actions).

of the Mistake - a progress sign!

of the Mistake - the road leading to prosperity!

Anyway: Be not afraid to be mistaken.