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What it is possible to tell about lilies of the valley? Traditions and usefulness of

such song was once very popular:

You me brought today to

Not the bouquet from magnificent roses,

Not of the carnation and not lily. you Presented to

Very modest flowers,

today But they are such darlings!

It about lilies of the valley. Speak, in 60 - x years it flew from all radio receivers. However, and fragrant white hand bells were not bypassed without this smash hit by love and recognition at all times.

Holidays, customs. At ancient Germans the lily of the valley was considered as Ostara`s flower, goddesses of a radiant dawn and a provozvestnitsa of spring. Festival in her honor was necessary on the date of the vernal equinox (and then became Easter) and symbolized a favoring it Earth on fertility.

Moloditsa the day before, having taken lilies of the valley, washed in a sacred key to keep beauty of youth (that is why a lily of the valley - threshed molodilnik ) .

And on a gala day burned down fires around which organized festivities, for participation in them all young girls and guys had to decorate themselves with lilies of the valley - flowers of love and happiness. And the holiday lasted until flowers did not begin to fade. Then with them bypassed a sacrificial stone and threw into fire in honor of the glorified goddess.

Later the tradition of worship Ostar was transformed to Blessed Virgin`s honoring, and in the people there was a touching belief that in a still moonlight night the Queen Nebesnaya in a wreath from silvery lilies of the valley can appear to the one who will receive unintentional pleasure.

In Germany there is a legend on the White Maiden with a bouquet of lilies of the valley who points again - in a moonlight night to secret treasures. But also without it treasures looked for by means of a root of a lily of the valley.

In France on the first Sunday of May the Holiday of lilies of the valley is celebrated. It has no status state and even universal, but is very interesting by roots.

Residents of the neighboring villages go after flowers to the wood, gathering as much as possible. The next day in it is rich the houses decorated with them lay tables, invite youth, organize festivities with songs and dances. Girls have to have at themselves the lily of the valley attached on a breast, guys - it in a buttonhole.

Agreeing to the invitation to dance, mademoiselle transfers to the young man the flower and receives from it its own. After this exchange they dance only together. And in age-old times it meant a consent to marriage.

Perhaps so appeared bridal bouquets from lilies of the valley?

Respectively, the neglect a flower expressed refusal which without words could report about the attitude towards the applicant - was to throw a lily of the valley on the earth enough not to mention that to step on it In Paris in the Afternoon of a lily of the valley it is considered

on May 1. This custom arose as a difference form from a red carnation in a buttonhole of workers - a solidarity sign. The branch of white hand bells as opposed to it became a " symbol; outpourings of hearts . It is considered that the lily of the valley presented in the May Day brings happiness.

Useful properties. the Lily of the valley long since had glory of a curative plant. Was considered as paralysis medicine and an apopleksiya: the flowers collected before rising, by all means with dew were drawn on wine.

And the dried-up together with escapes and istolchenny landyshevy color was applied from cold, a headache. From it, as well as for strengthening of nerves, it in England was used in quality gold " water; (infusion on H2O, say, as now in the course). In Saxony and Silesia lilies of the valley treated a scab.

N. Copernicus on some ancient portraits is represented with the bouquet of lilies of the valley in a hand presented to it as a sign of medical merits.

In one doctor book tincture from a lily of the valley was characterized so: Is gold dragy More expensively and pristoit to all illnesses . And in the people considered that means from fragrant white hand bells help from the Czech, from a gomoza and from a wife`s zhurba .

In S. P. Botkin`s clinic landyshevy tincture to treatment of heart diseases was applied since 1881

What the modern medicine speaks about curative properties of a lily of the valley? It comprises glycosides, traces of essential oil, asparagin, starch, sugar, apple and lemon acids, steroid saponina.

Preparations of a lily of the valley strengthen warm activity, and at heart failure - more; heart neurosises help to treat, to get rid of arrhythmia, to cope with tachycardia; favorably affect a myocardium, reduce hypostases, calm the central nervous system.

Essential oils were since ancient times used in perfumery and cosmetics. Still ancient Egyptians grew up it for this purpose, esteeming delightful aroma of a lily of the valley. And in Russia and in the Czech Republic rubbed with juice of its root of the girl to themselves cheeks for a flush.

However fragrant hand bells are rather hostile to other flowers (especially to a lilac) but nevertheless not to all! They, for example, are in a full consent with forget-me-nots

Ahead - conversation on signs, superstitions, art.

Good luck and pleasure!