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What to do if the head hurts?

do not hurt the head only of a woodpecker.

I Include a computer. Search in Yandex . How to eliminate a headache ? The guru is silent. The Required combination of words does not meet " anywhere; It Matyuknutsya about itself and gathered simply headache . Wow! I will not read also in a month so much! And it is necessary to me now!

However I all - dug out several practical advice.

1. At a headache try to avoid sharp sounds, smells, tastes, differences of temperatures. Generally, all sharp.

2. If on the street it is cold - you carry a headdress. Even the easy scarf reduces probability of a headache many times and if the head already hurts, then does not allow to ache it even more.

3. A headache - a disease most often psychological. If pain intolerable - do not hurry to swallow of the whole tablet! Break off a small piece. Dissolve it in a glass of water. And now Main thing! Close eyes and present that dissolved the whole tablet in this glass! Drink slowly to feel taste of medicine! The effect of a small piece and the whole tablet is approximately identical.

4. Usually the headache does not arise suddenly. Try to remember what preceded pain. Further just try to avoid IT. If pain at you on weather, just consider it and not wind .

5. Try not to pay attention to everyones magnetic storms or adverse geomagnetic anomalies about which you hear on radio and television.

6. The long depression promotes emergence or strengthening of a headache! From here a conclusion - be not depressed, the head will hurt less. Optimists win even in it, the head hurts them less!

7. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Always, and not just in the summer.

8. About! Here my case. The deviation from a habitual formula of a dream causes emergence of different types of pain. Including head! And shortening and lengthening of a dream have the same result - weakness for all next day! Therefore - observe a day regimen. And nights!

9. Fresh air and the movement - the main enemies of a headache! Air the room as often as possible. Fall off from monitors as often as possible. Walk as long as possible! And is more often! And it is the is best of all with darling! It is better to sleep too in the aired room. For the night open a window leaf, (if windows do not come to a bustling street).

10. Only for women. In critical days the probability of a headache increases approximately by 20%. nadoprosto to consider it.

11. There is more! Most often people excessively responsible and ambitious have headaches! Plan the working day. Be not late at work longer than put. Forgive yourself! Allow themselves to be mistaken! Arrange yourself holidays!

About! The head passed!

to go crazy!