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What it to be a young teacher?

Will of destinies so turned out that now in 23 years I work as the teacher in higher education institution - I teach ecology and some more objects, to students is not much younger than me. And students at all the desire cannot treat up to the end seriously me, and I cannot even blame them for it. Yes you also put yourself on their place - the young girl in jeans comes to you to occupation and declares supposedly I will teach you, and you be kind, behave well, you do not rustle, in time hand over laboratory works and other tasks.

That is, in principle, I do not condemn the students at all though often I think of how to force them me though somehow to respect, not in the plan as the person and as teacher.

Beginning of teaching. With the first group was lucky me - it were first-year students, only after school, still frightened of new unclear rules of university life, and therefore being very quiet. Besides, the group almost completely consisted of girls, on a bigger measure correct, honors pupils, probably, were at school, and it of course too did not add to them impudence. Therefore the first semester of my teaching proceeded quietly and smoothly. Students regularly prepared reports, watched movies on ecology and had almost no debts. At that time I loading had minimum

- one couple of times in two weeks... and then it seemed to me that life is fine both teaching not such and bad piece...

But here came the following semester, and with it and...

Man`s attention from students. If my first group consisted mainly of girls, then those groups to which I taught geodesy treated construction faculty. And, as we know, at this faculty always a ratio of guys and girls not in favor of the last, and the groups which got to me did not become an exception of this rule.

As I already spoke, I look much younger, that is practically the coeval of the students. And on the first occupation they did not fail to note it. Asked whether I already graduated from the university and, having received an affirmative answer, told what is very even not similar. After a semester of occupations and nearly a month of summer practice, they already began to perceive me as the girlfriend, told about how all of them together organized a party and that from this left. Some students at whom already I teach nothing greet me simply - hi!

Still I always am afraid to meet them where - nibud in a disco because there I would definitely not know what to do. On the one hand, the constant man`s attention is very useful, allows to behave in a tone, but, on the other hand, I do not know at all how to behave in these cases. To snap at it it is silly, to flirt and coquet in reply especially... as everything is confused!

Informal relations with students. the Group which was given this year pretty often consists of people with whom I was familiar earlier and plus to everything is already a third year, that is the age difference decreased very much. In - the first, in this group my sister studies! And, apparently, it was more than enough, but in this group 4 girls with whom we together went this summer to Poland on student`s exchanges for week still study, lived in one house, and now I for them Dina Mikhaelovna. As you understand

, the serious relation from their party to me cannot be any more. Though I cannot complain of them because they keep a distance in audience and do not allow any familiarity.

Conclusion. the young teacher to be incredibly difficult! But on the other hand, it is also incredibly interesting! If you the young teacher - I wish you good luck and endurance in our hard work!