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How to get rid of unnecessary beliefs, or Dump mental shackles of

you Know in what the main difference successful, happy and deriving pleasure from human life from unsuccessful, unfortunate and suffering?

In number of money? In the place or the country of accommodation? Available authorities? In people who surround it?

No, is not present and once again not. All this or has no relation or again in relation to happiness or success.

The main difference of such people - in their thinking which as you understand, at them cardinally differs from thinking of happy.

I expect a natural question: What this difference consists in? . Well, I will not surprise you if I tell that available these or those beliefs.

And what such belief? It is a deep-seated faith in the validity of this or that conclusion.

of Belief can be any. From Earth flat all women of the bitch (all men of the swine) and astrology - the most exact science to by fair means you will not earn " much; without protection it is difficult to be beaten out in people and I always am not lucky .

I is perfect not important that this belief is received on the basis of the wrong, distorted or incomplete data. From it it does not lose the force at all.

Can argue long why we need beliefs. The simplest and logical explanation - they are necessary for feeling of stability and constancy.

Agree, it is easier to live when it is convinced that the earth firm, and is not present need every time to reflect whether the leg when you take the following step will fail. Of course, there are incidents in the form of underground emptiness or badly closed hatches, but in view of their rarity they also are not considered by us. And time so, you safely measure out the pace, considering at this time, than to amuse the hungry stomach, but not where to put a leg.

From here one conclusion follows: beliefs are programs according to which our subconsciousness and, respectively, ourselves as the individual in general works. And on what we are programmed, we will receive in the life.

Beliefs have one characteristic property: to find to itself the proof everywhere where it is only possible. So, with each new step all of you are more convinced that the earth firm, and with each new reprimand from the chief - that he is a stale tyrant. Here also leaves: what you trust in - that and you receive.

of Examples can bring much. To take at least well-known effect of placebo in medicine when it becomes better for the patient from a tablet - a baby`s dummy if it was given under the guise of effective medicine.

Also and with beliefs concerning and the actions. If you believe that you are not successful, then it is valid and will be. Because you constantly find to it confirmations and create to yourself such reality the actions.

Also there is quite good explanation for it. It is known that the volume of our active attention of 72 units of information in a timepoint.

Everything that over it, - without special pressure passes by you straight in subconsciousness where manages the dirty or not really dirty affairs. And information arrives much.

You judge: sight, hearing, feelings about skin, impulses from internals, position of a body, a set of emotions and feelings. Try - to follow consciously all this at the same time. If your brain does not blow up, can safely put to yourself a monument and register in the Guinness Book of Records.

You will be surprised, but does not depend on a nasprakticheska what events get to the sphere of our attention. What do we notice from all series of the events? So, on points:

In - the first, what we are at the moment involved in and what are actively interested in, is in focus of our attention naturally.

In - the second, gets here any information which reports about possible danger. You will react to beep and squeal of brakes of the car rather behind the back, than to desire to scratch at this moment the nose, so?

A in - the third, you pay attention to what corresponds to your beliefs. Subconsciousness more obediently than the most faithful dog finds confirmations to all you trust in, with same worthy the drummer`s ranks of socialist labor sense of duty and diligence, ignoring everything that does not fit into these beliefs.

And until you do not realize incorrectness of this or that limiting belief, you will, as programmed, act according to it.

I each your failure will strengthen belief in your otioseness, and any success to be written off for casual combination of circumstances.

If to believe in poverty, failure and not friendliness of the world and people, subconsciousness will put all resources which are available for it that it became reality.

The morals of this fable is as follows: if do not seduce you all life to be ill from mental viruses of the limiting beliefs, then it is necessary to do an inoculation, forming the positive, developing installations until the rigidnost (lack of flexibility) became characteristic feature of your thinking.

Well, forward and from songs! You give a plan overfulfillment on a field of change of mental installations!

When you find out that in any area something is impossible to you, it is stopped I want, but I cannot - means, you are disturbed by any belief, the mental block. On this case there is one simple, but quite effective equipment for disposal of them which is given by Joe Vitale in Spiritual Marketing .

Take two sheets of paper. On the first describe your situation, what constrains you and disturbs you. At the same time you need to endure and have all negative feelings which are caused by this problem. As if unpleasantly it was. Do not regret on it time and forces. The more fully you will have and will live these feelings, the result will be better.

Now postpone this leaf. And on the second write how you see the solution of this problem what you would like to have instead what feelings to have. At the same time, as you already understood, you need to have fully these feelings, to plunge into them, to imagine the picture of ideal permission of a situation. Naturally, having spent so much time how many it is necessary. There will be no feeling of completeness yet.

Now take the first leaf, take of it a view and burn. Take the second leaf, put it and you carry with yourself within a week. That`s all. If you consider that you were insufficiently cleared, then just you repeat procedure.

As you can see, anything difficult. You needed only to sit down and be influenced.