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In what jealousy reasons?

In my opinion, exist various forms of jealousy which, anyway, adjoin to lives of two, it seems as the people loving each other. At one feeling of jealousy arises from - for mistrust to the partner, at other of - for uncertainty in itself, at the third against sexual dissatisfaction, at the fourth of - for a lack of attention to the person, at the fifth of - for courtesies of the partner with an opposite sex. And someone has no feeling of jealousy at all - and it, I want to notice, the happiest people on the earth!

We will consider the feeling of jealousy designated as MISTRUST TO the PARTNER - this form can be shown in case there is a reasonable occasion; the fact, argument forcing to be jealous. This occasion can undertake from your last partner, from the present, and just from nowhere. In case mistrust to the partner arises against his past and in a brain the feeling of jealousy works, then can, it is worth reflecting on the subject what was, passed we live the present. And we reflect on the offered subject, it seems we calm down, but there pass several hours, days, weeks and everything comes back " again; into place . In this case it will be very difficult to us to get rid of this feeling, and for certain the such jealousy arises at people who well knew the half until the arisen relations in their life. Probably in this situation it is necessary or to delete the past from life in any way, or initially not to begin these relations, or to reconcile and live with feeling of jealousy until the end of the days that can lead to a number of diseases including the psychologist - a physical orientation. What it is good not to eat. But the option remains for us, to love and live to the detriment of the basic reasons, or to leave and forget, perhaps tomorrow there will be a new love which is not provoking jealousy?!!

The following designation is UNCERTAINTY IN - to our brain can analyze those, or other situations, to make some kind of travel on crinkles and souls on the way of this introspection we can find in ourselves a heap of shortcomings even if in a mirror we seem ideal. These shortcomings which as it seems to us, are present at us are resulted in uncertainty in ourselves, and then by us to rescue themselves, begin to look for something unacceptable in our partner, to watch him, we try to impart sense of guilt to the loved one. And if suddenly this your loved one the woman, and she, also suddenly, showed interest in the representative of an opposite sex which is in all respects better than you, so it in general in your eyes will look as a call in your party, it is stronger, he is cleverer, it is more sexual. As a result in you complexes begin to develop, and uncertainty in itself grows with great strides. And if you have a lot of free time, not busied, or a hobby, then you just eat yourself from within. It seems to you that you not in forces of nothing to change, you exhaust yourself and the partner. And only when you will become angry on yourself seriously, gradually begin to understand that life is a program which is concealed in our subconsciousness, and we need to pass this program, we learn to ask ourselves questions and to answer them. We begin to feel the signals arriving from a brain, then we go to the gym, we begin to put the body in order if it is not ideal, we begin to communicate with various people, that is, we look for a new stream in life. Found - means escaped, there passes the feeling of uncertainty in itself and we recover, become new, we change the program. The person was given the chance to change the program. The goat cannot be whom other as a goat. The person himself chooses, to be to him a goat or to remain the person.

Third designation: SEXUAL DISSATISFACTION - so, from life: there lives couple for a year, two, five years. All these years sexual relations blossom and smell and one fine day he shows desire elements, and she lets know that she does not want. It seems slightly. Fell asleep. The next night, and a situation repeats. And so for, say, week or two. Then he begins to think rather to reflect on the events reason. Oh, and what is only not created at this moment in a man`s organism and a brain. He begins to think about prichinno - the investigative law. Irrespective of, we want it or not, this law begins to work, it seems as with absolute accuracy. The law is very simple: without having made action, we will never receive a consequence. And this action as it seems to us, - change. This the first that occurs to us, of course, as so, always was favourite and desired, and now suddenly BANG! and me do not want. We will already manage to exhaust enough ourselves and the partner before we think about female, of hormones and of resorting to services of the sexologist. Conclusion: if you are not wanted, do not look for a problem in change, do not look for a problem in yourself, and think of a biological factor. Perhaps it is worth addressing the expert?!

Fourth designation, The LACK of ATTENTION TO the PERSON - we got used to feel in the childhood on the person, care, caress and attention, from mother. And furthermore if we grew in a family with grandmothers, then, obviously, we are spoiled by female attention and care. Living with the partner - the woman, we look for the same, and we consider that if mother was attentive and tender, then and our beloved has to be closest by this image. As soon as we do not receive that we want, and we see special attention from its party to friends, a favourite cat, or to a domestic rat, we begin to be jealous, doing of ourselves the victim, thinking I am better than a dog . You give yourself completely and entirely, and instead of nothing.

In this case you should not blame her for all mortal sins, perhaps, she also does not understand that it was necessary for full-fledged life of a man`s organism, perhaps, at it in life the moments which hardened it. And manifestation of special attention to a favourite cat or a domestic rat is no other than a maternal instinct. When to it for 20, she is not able to afford to play dolls. Well, if you feel absolutely ill at ease from - for this shortage of attention, then try to have periodically sex with two women at once even if your half is one of them, then you will feel power of two women, thereby will balance a lack of attention and caress to the person. The jealousy will pass, and it will become simpler to live!

Fifth designation: COURTESY of the PARTNER TO PEOPLE of the OPPOSITE SEX - it the form of feeling of jealousy is very similar to the second designation which we defined as UNCERTAINTY IN . Besides, being, for example, on birthday at friends, in the big and noisy company, we notice, how kindly and lovely your half communicates with people of an opposite sex while you sit somewhere in a corner for a moment you hear separate phrases, and you oh as want to hear everything. You notice a spark in her eyes at the time of this communication and begin to be jealous, even boil from within. And if she suddenly feels a beefy breast of the interlocutor, then you in general will exhaust yourself. Again, you begin to look for shortcomings of yourself, and thereby you blame her. You think of yourself as about unfortunate and deprived, at the same time you continue to sit in a corner also you do not make any efforts to turn a situation in the party.

If the feeling of jealousy arises approximately on such soil, then for certain it is worth thinking of how to correct a situation. The female organism requires special attention to itself from persons of an opposite sex, it practically has no logic, and she needs to hear constantly in the address: As you are beautiful! You are such darling! With you so to have a good time, or perhaps we descend where - nibud " tomorrow; and all something like that. If you test jealousy while it kindly communicates with people of an opposite sex, then try to turn a situation, but do not arrange a hysterics at all, it will begin to do to you to spite. Show attention to it better, or play, begin to do the same, let both in your eyes and in the opinion of your interlocutor that spark will appear!

And at last, about the happiest people on the earth who never had feeling of jealousy. Unfortunately, I cannot refer myself to this category. From hundred their respondents of everything five. But it is really happy people, they live not for the sake of someone, and for the sake of themselves. Do not move them anger and emotions. They are guided by reason. Their brain does not collapse.

We, those who are jealous bring the organism into decline because we exhaust it jealousy. Sooner or later such image of love thinking can lead to a number of diseases. For example, to a heavy depression. Far back in the past great Shakespeare called jealousy a monster with green eyes once. And having lodged in heart, it begins to divide and dominate, dictating the rules of the game. Games painful, painful, exhausting. Whether and game it, when in the final - the broken relations, dramas and even crimes?.

my Friends let`s try, to study: To live, Like and not to have at the same time this feeling - jealousy!