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What is a sign language?

It is continued to distribute absolutely gratuitously to the right and on the left useful cunnings. Today we present to your attention the tricks for ladies turning these cold autumn days into similarity on the eighth of March.

So, we will begin with the main thing. You love it, and it you... the devil only knows, can too worships, and hundred times on you, the sufferer can spit to it. And all why, for what reason? But because his experiences are hidden behind a mask of proud coolness and solidity, and deep attachment and interest - hide in undercover labyrinths of soul.

And well - girls, we will try to solve this severe man`s secret! For this purpose fixedly get accustomed to a body of the elect. The matter is that it is easy to deceive the word, and to mislead here by means of gestures, it is far more difficult than a mimicry and a pose. The body does not lie! Therefore it is possible to check the chances of success, having observed his behavior.

Let`s say at the next working meeting his hand begins to correct a tie, a collar, touches a throat or touches hair. At the same time the leg sock (no matter, there is it or sits) is turned in your party. Rejoice. These gestures show obvious interest. But you do not hurry to be under a delusion: interest can be not so much sexual how many business. It is not excluded that it is attracted only by what you speak about.

But here if it in communication with you stopped up hand thumbs for a belt, or holds hands on hips, consider - it is obviously sexual gesture. Quite often at the same time object of supervision widely places legs. It subconsciously shows these own confidence in what wants, and in this context he specifically wants you.

However if he hides palms, takes away hands in a pocket, and legs - under a chair; crosses hands or legs - all this not in your advantage. Nevertheless, you should not hurry with conclusions. It is not excluded that these reactions have no relation to you, and are caused some strangers reasons.

We go further. You noticed that his forefinger touches a nose, and the others cover a mouth. Be vigilant! He expresses in these no other than no confidence, suspiciousness and unwillingness to open . If these gestures are followed by wiping of an ear or any other parts of the face, so his impatience can pass soon into desire to interrupt or finish conversation. Therefore you should not push luck further: it is better to switch conversation to other subject or in general it to stop and trying next time.