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What deep reasons of patriotic crash?

Part 1:

Practically all younger generation is closed on itself, the majority of youth, knowing the correct way, can indicate it only. The fear of reality forces human essence to show the real face. The majority of polls is based on obviously independent answers, to it undoubtedly belong the all-Russian poll.

In other words, the sphere which is covered by poll is wider the it is more difficult to reach opinion of the specific person. The device of human mentality such is that often, and will be to tell in 85% of cases more true, the person accepts foreign conclusion as the. The essence of the new project consisted in identification only of the personal relation of everyone to service in army. The questionnaire based on the principle of synthesis was for this purpose created.

Her questions were adapted specifically on each person as the personality, with the: outlook, beliefs, views and positions. Experiment was successful, we could achieve the answer to a question as the person will arrive, but not as will tell or will think.

The person acts this way, or otherwise being guided by the final decision, final conclusion, but not that which still is in processing, that is under doubts, accumulation of information and searches of logical this or that justification as the sane person for decision-making is guided not by the feelings, but the logic.

It was excellently proved in the work Metaphysics by Aristotle:

“The validity and not the validity of life belongs to human intelligence.

If thought, idea, reasonings are etc. true, then they exist. The lie does not possess property of life, i.e. it will be correct to tell that the false thought does not exist, and makes visibility of existence.

The false thought does not possess integrity, sequence, logical severity therefore by close examination is scattered, “dissolved“, i.e. falls into oblivion, as testifies to its initial nebytiystvennost, the Lie arises when the reason connects unjoinable to reality and separates what is not subject to a razjediteniye.

In other words, the false thought does not work on substance explanation, i.e. what has to be for any connection; such thought works randomly therefore connects without any rule, on an arbitrariness. Without giving concept of substance, it is capable and to separate, thereby involuntarily to break off integrity“.

The sense of a new type of polls consists in the qualitative analysis of public opinion. Local (local) polls, give the chance of drawing up an overall picture on the basis of parts. In other words by a synthesis method (associations of parts in a whole). This scheme is the most effective in the field of high-quality polls and can be applied as new option of receiving reliable information at identification of public opinion.

. But the main task consists in elimination of a lack of outlook and outlook. It is necessary to understand that until in society there is a strong class stratification while there is no settled middle class, there is no sense to speak about cultural ideology of Civil society.

So and about patriotic mentality of youth. Roughly speaking, the majority of youth is in charge the parents having the income below a living wage on each family member. From there is a discontent: “Why I have to go to army, and another is not present“?

The material structure undoubtedly is dominating. But as it is not strange, even in the absence of the actual support, patriotic education does not get special support and from an ideological and propaganda component.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that at the similar relation to these two components of patriotic education at the expense of which it actually also exists will lead further to full breakdown of patriotic education of the younger generation.

About it it is possible to judge already by the real relation of youth to army, loss of concrete ideals, substitution of interests, an abstractness of new generation from political process and ideological illiteracy.