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How to spend the first marriage night?

statistically, for 90% of young people such concept, as first marriage night very conditional. Yes, marriage, but obviously not the first. However, anyway, it is special night, unusual, and it has to be remembered, as well as a wedding, for the rest of life.

Wedding day in itself will be sated for you with events solemn and concerning therefore when you at last appear alone, only sound sleep, especially can become important desire if the second day of celebration is necessary to you. But that prevents you to be prepared by marriage night in advance so that after noisy fun with guests not to give in to sleepy fatigue and the burning curiosity to a bright hill of wedding gifts, and to organize the wedding party for two, absolutely special, but already in a bed.


your impressions of the first marriage night directly depend on efforts which were made by its preparation. It is important that the atmosphere of this night excited your thoughts all day, held from excessive libations and attracted even if to a wedding you lived together not one year. It is possible to charge care of the first marriage night to organizers of a wedding. They will offer you at choice the options. And it is possible to decide among themselves what for each of you is put in concept of this night as it would be desirable to spend it and independently to realize these ideas. The most important - prepare for the first marriage night together, together, and here the pleasant surprises which are specially prepared for the loved one, you keep in secret.


of the Most unforgettable. Such fast change of a situation already in itself brings the mass of emotions and impressions. It is possible to have a hotel accommodation of your city. Usually for such actions there are special numbers for newly married. If you are not going to spend the night in hotel, then prepare a bedroom for the first marriage night of the house, let nobody in it that everything remained exactly as you prepared: neither others smells, nor the rearranged objects. Details can be very significant for you.

On what?

It is good if it is a smart big bed with a convenient mattress and silk linen. On silk sheets it will be a little slippery and it is cold for want of habit, but it will only add to you thrills. Pick up color and the invoice of bed linen so that it as much as possible corresponded to your sexual spirit, was nice on the touch. It is possible to fill up a bed from above with petals of roses or to scent several drops of your favourite aromatic oil.

With what? Usually at a wedding table young people eat

a little therefore will be to stock up very opportunely with a couple of delicacies, fruit and a light wine before marriage night. Do not drink very hard liquors. Perhaps, they will also help you to relax, take off fatigue, but will surely have an effect the exhausting headache in the morning. And this time can become magnificent continuation of your fantastic night.

And to do - that what?

For a start, you can take together a shower, the weakening bath or to lie down in a jacuzzi. Light candles, turn on the pleasant music, arrange impudent representation with an exit in stunningly sexual dress with a striptease or a session of erotic massage. And then - painfully long caress, passionate kisses, the embodiment of all your imaginations... Realize all the knowledge and abilities, feel each other, guess and grant desires, you speak about the feelings. Do not forget in prewedding vanity and about protection, however if in your plans this night to conceive the child, then it is better to reduce to a minimum the use of alcoholic drinks at a wedding.

In breaks it is possible to share impressions of past holiday and to pamper each other, it is your night of love. On unpacking of gifts, the account of the presented money etc. you still will have a lot of time.

Let will be this night magic!