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Whether we know everything about the hidden potential?

On our planet live several billion people. The essence is that only tiny percent of people really uses the potential. And that not to the full extent. Whether you agree that it is the tragedy with me?

And you, of course, would not like to see yourself in that most part of the population which practically does nothing with the potential. And it is possible, you already are in this group. Here where it is necessary to exclaim: I do not want to be Bolshevik and I want to become Menshevik !

Potential is given you not to be dug to the earth when you die. You personally - the owner of extremely huge abilities, and you are simply obliged to devote yourself to completely to realize them throughout all the life.

So it potential? What its essence?

Potential are the not revealed abilities, not released force, unachieved success, the hidden talents.

All whom you could become, but did not become yet;

everything that you could make, but did not make yet;

is all you can reach, but did not reach yet;

everything that you can make, but did not make yet.

We summarize the aforesaid.

Potential is not that you already made . It YESTERDAY.

Potential is that you will be able to make . It TOMORROW.

Potential always is in the future plane. Those achievements which you already have are not your potential. If your today`s affairs do not surpass yesterday`s, then you did not realize the potential today. So, not grew personally. If you made breakthrough in something new and even " today; missed the mark that is, failed, you developed your potential.

Will sometimes do you it easily and it is even almost imperceptible. But in most cases it will not seem cloudless and iridescent experience. You will feel also fear before new and unknown earlier, both pain, and doubt... Also will seem that it is better to arrive as yesterday, without excess headache, without internal torments. It is so convenient, stable and natural, it would seem!

Personal growth never happens imperceptibly. People around can not notice first the happening changes, but you - that with yourself will be 24 hours a day. And to whom as not to you to the first know what occurs? It follows from this that you have to be ready to any manifestations during your changes.

Potential will never demand from you to be satisfied with what has already been achieved as success - the very first and main enemy. Never find satisfactions in reached! You do not look at yesterday`s victories. This past! But always with belief you look forward and stay in the sphere of potential.

That to you all was easier to apprehend written above, let`s look at an example.

We will follow the most powerful and known example in the nature - a seed. You can even really practise. So, I will ask to find you a seed, any seed. In each house there will be a seed. You eat some vegetables, fruit. Take a sunflower seed from a fruit, put on a palm.

We will take an apple seed for an example. What at you in a hand? - I will ask. Most likely, you tell: seed . However your answer will not be true. Yes, it is the fact that you hold a seed in hand, but you are far from a concept " essence; seed .

The truth is that you hold in the hand not just an apple seed, and the whole apple garden. How it can be? - you are perplexed. And just look attentively and see the whole garden.

If to place this seed in the corresponding conditions and there will pass some time span, really this sunflower seed will remain only one sunflower seed? No, of course. It will yield a fruit which there will be a large number. And the same will happen to you, if you see in yourself, favourite, all the potential.

Thus, it is impossible to be limited at all to what you see today, now. Because it not everyone.

is the only a potential of what it CAN become.

Develop further! Strain, once again strain! Dare to grow!