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When to bring the second child? If parents of one child resolved

for themselves that they want the second, there is quite logical question KOGDA ?

If properly to think, only three possible options arise, in each of which there are pluses and advantages. Let`s consider them in more detail...


This option well the fact that the kid will get a set of things by inheritance from the senior. Parents should not puzzle over, where to attach a carriage and a bed to whom to give all things from which the senior child already grew up and just it is a pity to throw out them. It is always better when the fallen in love things remain in a family, but do not pass to someone from acquaintances.

Huge plus of such small age difference also in what to the kid when it a little grows up, will interestingly play with the elder brother or the sister. It will allow mother to devote more time to itself or household chores, both peanuts will be keen on the general occupation and will not begin to disturb mother.

As for mother`s career, here too there are positive sides. It turns out so that having attached younger the baby in a garden, mummy quietly will be able to devote completely herself to work and the career development. She should take the next maternity leave only if she ventures the birth of the third kid.


In this case turns out so that the senior child does not require to himself so much attention and time any more as earlier, and mother can give almost all the time to the second kid.

That the child who still quite recently was the only thing in a family and is forced to be now a senior and an example for imitation (and absolutely not at own will), was not jealous and did not feel thrown, it is possible to share with it the cares connected with appearance of the baby.

He can help to dress the little brother or the sister on walk, to roll a carriage on the street, to tell fairy tales and to read books... It will help it to feel necessary in his actively growing family.

YEARS THROUGH 18 This option will suit

only if the first child was given birth early enough and mother most no more than 40 years now.

Naturally, the senior child at such age does not need active intervention in his life from parents any more.

it is Quite possible that by this time it will already get own family. And if there already there are also children, then it is even better, to the kid will always be with whom to spend evening and to play, it since the childhood will have a close friend. And to have the nephew or the niece of the age, together it is always interesting to raise and develop...

Later so many time after the birth of the firstborn, mummy should endure everything as for the first time, to study everything from the very beginning, for so many years all skills will be forgotten and will become puzzled, new devices on care of children will appear... All this

will help mother to feel young and happy again, will fill her life with new sense and will give it new forces! Each person chooses by

the option, most suitable for the family. And anyway, irrespective of how many years will pass between birth of the first and second kid, mummy who went to it can safely be proud of herself, not each woman will agree to such feat (I will not be afraid of this loud word!), as birth of the second child.