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Who are we are people or the Bandar-log or How to achieve purity and an order?

In the famous fairy tale of the English writer R. Kipling are such monkey tribe - the Bandar-log. Live and move big flock. Each certain Bandar-log is always depersonalized, it is difficult to allocate him from lump, to distinguish from other Bandar-logs. They constantly and loudly stir, without listening to each other, but cannot make decisions. Therefore they look for the tsar who will solve everything for them. But they have a big sense of humour: to take and throw scraps or to befoul products of the activity, for example, a tiger, and then to sneer loudly at him.

Tell, the reader - in the human tribe they remind nobody to you? In our life Bandar-logs it is accepted to call the gray, depersonalized mass of people with standard views, tastes and interests. And how they behave in life? You had to observe how on the car the noisy company of people drives in a forest park where it is impossible to drive, make fire, breaking off branches of trees and bushes that categorically cannot be done, begin to fry shish kebabs, and then leave, having left garbage, scraps, bottles etc. under legs though absolutely nearby there is a container or a garbage bag. Of course, it it is possible to throw an empty pack of cigarettes or a piece of paper from candies anywhere, including an entrance of own house. And after active recreation the relevant services take out garbage in tons so any holiday turns at them into a nightmare.

I think, as at home such people behave not much better. Well, such behavior of the people who became an inveterate drunkard, fell, lost reference points in life still somehow can be explained. But why in appearance absolutely normal people so behave? For an explanation of it it is possible to give at least two behavioural stereotypes, two types of behavior.

Some people, especially young and considering themselves as those, not without influence of mass media realize themselves new free generation, not a couple parental therefore they defiantly do not give to an order in own apartment, in the house and around it the slightest value and a special need in it, perhaps, do not test. They are higher than all this, they live high spiritual interests and big affairs. Of course, in the childhood them accustomed to make also a bed and to keep clean the apartment, an entrance, the yard and other public places. But now they grew up, they adults, they are strongly busy, and them difficult happens to convince that the chaos and a disorder around the person obviously gives internal not concentration him, badly affects his mood and working capacity as is manifestation of disharmony, internal dissonance, trouble.

The second type of behavior proceeds as it is strange, from the mass appeal of our people to religion. At our Orthodox Christians, in the majority - novoobrashchenets, the big difference between behavior in church and in life is very often observed. At new converts, many of which came to Orthodoxy through God-seeking, there is a desire to separate itself from world around, sunk into evil . Considering that they, unlike non-believers, live only high and spiritual they treat other world, other people with complacency and pride, with feeling of own superiority, with hostility and indifference. The increasing value in their life occupies a ritualism, and here they quite often neglect daily affairs and duties, causing dissonance in a family, doing other her members by unfortunate hostages of the new stereotypes. It is clear, that before the person Gospoda and to love for the neighbor such behavior has no relation to Christian humility.

I have acquaintances - a young family and the charming kid Fedor of 1,5 years old. The family is quite provided therefore there is also a babysitter - the elderly woman. Only care of the child belongs to its duties - to feed, give to drink, wash, to take a walk, entertain etc. Generally, a million things to do. But, coming to work, it begins it with establishing order in the apartment about what nobody asks it because he understands how in chaos and a disorder it is possible to accustom to something the small child, that handsome man Fedor. And having come next morning, again finds full mess and defeat in the apartment. It would seem, it not its business, but it cannot differently, she is upset and surprised how it is possible to treat so own dwelling bought and repaired for big money and own, is hot, it seems, to darling, the child.

I am afraid that the one who is not capable to order small space around himself is hardly capable to succeed in big and serious business, it is difficult for it to cope also with the sincere problems. Once at all the known island Aleksandra Menya was asked what sin is most typical for our people. Having thought, he answered: unreliability, non-obligation. And then added - it is the reason and a source of any hack-work, dishonourableness. Now word decency it seems to much of us old-fashioned, and it means honest person incapable of base acts the person behaving fairly, decently, as has to . And it is not casual when ask our famous people, they that their children continued their business would like, they steadily answer that it is unimportant if only their child grew up the good, kind, decent person, and he will choose a profession.

Observance of an order in everything is only the seeming bondage and though it does a way of the person to closer, but does not allow us to evade in unnecessary (all is possible, but not all - is useful, the apostle learns), releases spiritual powers of the person for the best performance of the mission on the earth. Therefore it is necessary to claim in consciousness of everyone, especially - the child that that span of the earth on which there is your house, the apartment in it, nearby vital space - all this your small Homeland! And it is just necessary for each of us (otherwise it is impossible!) to keep the small Homeland clean and an order and to demand, exactly to demand! - the same and from others. And then and will come to nobody to mind to litter the apartment, to spoil at an entrance, to arrange a disorder near the house or in park where we walk, to walk a dog without muzzle and not on the vygulny platform.

In our legislation there are a lot of coercive measures on respect for purity and an order including penalties. However penalties - not the end in itself, is far more important to convince violators to observe purity and an order. How to improve an own entrance? It seems to me that at an entrance it is necessary to fine for dirt and a lawlessness first of all residents of this entrance. At first sight, it is seemingly more correct to prizhuchit REU and ZhEKs. However ask any in these organizations, and you will hear that in these entrances there live not people, and some cattle which estimates work REU or ZhEK on painting of an entrance dirty - green paint spittles and indecent inscriptions. And partly they are right. If residents do not take a measure, believe, nothing will change. At our entrance we developed and put a door with the coded lock. And at once everything changed for the better. Together with REU brought order. Now the cleaner will not rejoice, and residents are happy.

Unfortunately, territories of parks and forest parks zagazhivay, ourselves turn into dumps. And if we observe purity and an order, and the garbage there to put where it is necessary or to carry away with itself, the relevant services will cope with the rest also. The militia should not evade from establishing order in parks and forest parks, other public places also. Many behave there much worse, than at themselves at the dacha or a kitchen garden, consider that these places - a draw, and it is possible to do there everything that will take in head. Also it is not necessary to hesitate or be afraid to report about violators in militia if you do not hope to cope with them. All these violators are our enemies, unrestrained the Bandar-log which understand only force and power of Kaa - our justice.

We will ask a question to each of us: You, an image and similarity Gospoda of ours who received from Him the great power over the earth whether you will manage to hold on it a system and an order? Or, having rejected all these very burdensome rules and duties, you will begin to live on own volition and an arbitrariness, pushing the world is closer and closer to the brink of a precipice? It is a question to each of us if we consider ourselves as people, but not crowd of Bandar-logs!

World, tranquility, purity and order to your house, each of you, your small Homeland!