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How to choose aquarian small fishes?

If you the beginner in such important issue as the choice of small fishes for the new aquarium, then can do many mistakes which will lead to premature death of your pets.

First of all before buying an aquarium, it is necessary to be defined who at you will live there. It can be little harmless aquarian small fishes like mollineziya and the guppy, it can be exotic types and even predators like piranhas. It is necessary to define it as for the choice of suitable soil and registration of an aquarium and in order that it is correct to organize all activity of the small underwater world in separately taken apartment.

I insistently advise not to give in to the first impulse to run, buy small fishes and to rejoice. The impulse is good, but do not forget that small fishes though they and should not be walked, done inoculations and to cook separate food, nevertheless demand big attentiveness and special leaving.

As you understand, all animals live where they feel comfortable. In space of an aquarium of a small fish are forced to live in those conditions that will be created them by you. They just have no other choice. Therefore it is necessary to study attentively those types that you are going to get. Now the set of specialized literature for beginners in this area and for those who already have some experience is on sale.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the next moments:

- habitat of a small fish : water temperature, acidity, turbidity, presnost and so on. With what other types you can lodge this small fish first of all depends on it. Acidity and temperature are adjusted on the aquarium. Modern copies allow to change these indicators with ease.

- diet of a small fish : a predator it or not that all - enters it dining table . It needs also to be known, otherwise harmless neighbors of a predator can in a day - be two eaten. You do not want such fate for them? Another matter if at you live predators or mixed - there are small fishes who sometimes need to eat someone Laws of the nature - you will do nothing with it.

At registration of an aquarium surely create artificial shelters - put the broken artificial pot or an amphora, make a grotto. Keep in mind that before putting a new thing in an aquarium, it needs to be boiled to avoid hit in an aquarium of bacteria.

Soil . You can gather small pebbles, and you can buy special soil in pet-shop. At my place the Dutch lie - perfectly look and for several years did not deteriorate at all. Keep in mind - some small fishes like to equip for themselves the dwelling also move in a mouth pebbles from one part of an aquarium in another. Therefore it is extremely important that at the bottom there were no sharp objects potentially dangerous to your pets. It is also necessary to select soil depending on the size and features of your future small fishes.

Plants . It is possible to buy live plants, but here too it is necessary to consult both with sellers and with specialized editions - what of them will not do harm to small fishes. Many small fishes have a requirement to periodically fill up the diet, gnawing round live plants in an aquarium. It is possible to buy artificial plants - such nobody will pick. Modern artificial plants differ in nothing from the presents, and it is not always possible to define it at once. But they should be cleaned periodically that there was no source of bacteria in water.

Here, perhaps, the main that the beginning fan of aquarian small fishes needs to know. I sincerely hope that your favourites will receive necessary care and all conditions for long and happy fish life - to please you and your relatives!