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What it is possible to tell about lilies of the valley? The botany and legends of

the Modest and lovely flower sung by poets and musicians, fanned by legends, respected by physicians by all means is associated with May.

In spite of the fact that popularity played a dirty trick with it - the lily of the valley got into the Red List, - it still seems as habitual as indispensable maintenance of spring.

And what we know about it? Why it is called quite so, but not differently; where grows; than it is useful; how became famous in centuries? Let`s get acquainted with it “ by a small May miracle “ closer, the right, it is worth it.

Name. Karl Linney, creating the well-known classification, did not resist charm of a flower and gave it very poetical name “ Convallaria majalis “ which means “ a lily of valleys which blossoms in May “.

But in the people it is called differently, and on that there are several versions. One of them narrates that the lily of the valley is a transformation from the word “ laserwort “ received by a plant for silkiness and smoothness of leaves. Another - is based on similarity of the same leaves to lany ears. Say which - where it is called a lanushka. And in other places - landyshka, and even differently: a shirt, threshed, a molodilnik and even - responsible (from the word “ " wine;) .

Distribution. This sort of plants of family of lileyny meets in the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus, in Siberia and in the Far East, and also in Western Europe and North America. Nothing surprising that in different places the lily of the valley has the features.

So, the lily of the valley May is widespread in a moderate zone of the Northern hemisphere. By the way, it has several grades suitable for garden cultivation: Rosea in full accordance with the name has pinkish flowers; Flore Pleno differs in large snow-white flowers with double okolotsvetiy, but it is even more they at Fortin’s Giant and Grandiflora. And still there is Proliferans with terry inflorescences; Latifoliya with terry pinkish, Albistratia - with striped is yellow - white and others.

Keyzke`s lily of the valley prefers the light woods and if shady, then with a soft moss cover. He can be met on old cuttings down and inundated meadows in a taiga of the Far East, on the Korean peninsula, in Northern China and Japan. The Transcaucasian lily of the valley rises to a mid-mountain lesopoyas of the Caucasus, mountain - inhabits similar spaces on Hugo - the East of the USA.

Legends. Nest of number to legends of an origin of a May lily of valleys. Ancient Greeks and Romans were inclined to read out it as the changed sweat droplets from a face of the goddess - hunters: Diana who was running away from her fauns who decided to catch; Artemis pursuing a deer.

There are several legends according to which the lily of the valley came from warm torments. The tsarevna of Volkhov cried across Sadko, having learned that he loves another, and they turned into the marvelous white flowers which became a symbol of purity, love and grief.

And the young man by the name of the Lily of the valley sobbed bloody tears when his beloved of Vesk decided to go to far-away countries, - and they changed in red berries of a lily of the valley.

The subject of bloody tears is traced also in other legends: about what the lily of the valley so mourned the leaving spring what the heart wounded by a grief painted blood of his tear - berries; that this flower grew from drops of blood of the St. Leonard battling against a terrible dragon.

According to the Christian legend, lilies of the valley arose from tears of the Mother of God when it mourned the crucified Son.

And long before it Celts believed that it - neither is more, nor it is less as treasures of elves. On their legend, young hunters, having made an ambush on wild animals in a forest thicket, saw the elf flying with a heavy burden in hands and tracked down him a way.

It appeared, it bore a pearl on the mountain of pearls rising under an old shady tree. Without having resisted a temptation, one of hunters decided to take himself a tiny nacreous ball, but at a touch to it the mountain of treasures was scattered.

People rushed to collect pearls, having forgotten about precaution, and on noise of their fuss the elfin king who turned all pearls into fragrant white flowers arrived. And since then elves revenge greedy people for loss of the treasure, and love lilies of the valley so that they nightly rub them with the napkins weaved from a moonlight … by

In the following releases we will continue conversation on a May lily of valleys: about the holidays connected with lilies of the valley, traditions and even dreams, and also about more prosaic questions how to grow up lilies of the valley and what advantage from them.

Good luck and pleasure!