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How to behave? Six recommendations to the irritable person of

in publications of different editions are paid Today to stressful situations and techniques of removal of this stress much attention. Strange, but it is possible to see the program answering a question much less often: How not to bring itself to a stress? Psychologists in this respect have councils.

1. Do not fall into anger. Accustom yourself to the pause preceding fit of anger. And during this pause try to comprehend a situation. In this case the thought that flash will not bring simplification will manage to come to your mind and can cause new troubles.

It is the best of all not to miss opportunities to be discharged not by angry words, but physical activity (work or exercises). The healthy physical fatigue will absorb your anger.

2. Sometimes it is necessary and to concede. Stubborn insisting on the, we are often similar to whimsical children. Be afraid to be whimsical! Listen to the point of view of the opponent, respect her and with a sufficient share of self-criticism you treat the view of a problem. Reasonable concessions not only are useful to business, but also cause respect of people around.

3. It is impossible to be absolute perfection in everything. Try to perform, first of all, perfectly the work and to what you really have calling. For feeling of satisfaction sometimes it is enough to make success in one - two areas, and the rest let will be not below an optimum level.

4. Learn to distract for a while from the cares. How problems were serious, try to get rid of oppression of gloomy thoughts from time to time, to distract any essential cares on work or on the house.

Try not to infect with the bad mood the people surrounding you, differently yours not in the spirit of will come back to you around. Be reasonable and tactful! Very bad feeling is made by the person who turns any trouble into a world problem.

5. Try not to remain alone with the problems. To confess to the benevolent and judicious person about what torments you - means to give to itself relief. Councils of your interlocutor can even not have great practical value, his sympathy, participation, sincere interest is important.

6. Do not impose excessive requirements. The one who expects from people around too much constantly sickens from the fact that people around do not answer its expectations. It is a big mistake: constant criticism not to make people around convenient for you.

Try to see in people of advantage, and in communication rely on these qualities. Then one fine day you will find out that people around were re-educated and quite arrange you.

I hope, these simple and quite applicable in practice cunnings will help those who really respect themselves and other people.