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How many children were raised by the chief tutor Benjamin Spock?

on May 2, 1903 in a family of the lawyer of railway campaign from New - Heyvena, the State of Connecticut, was born the firstborn. It was named Benjamin, even without suspecting that the boy will become one of those whose works will compare then nearly to the Bible. In effect, its main work - Child and care of it is also the Bible of education. The book is published with a circulation more than 50 million copies on 42 national languages.

Young Benjamin was very lucky with mother. Mildred Spock was a puritan and least of all trusted someone, considering that mother will cope with education of 6 children (Ben had four younger little sisters and the brother) better than any teachers and doctors. The reference book Mildred had a shabby small volume House doctor . Once it were available at one child symptoms of tropical malaria (if to judge symptoms according to the book). The called doctor stated big doubts as this illness in the State of Connecticut was practically not fixed, but Mildred achieved that analyses which confirmed that mother, but not the doctor was right took from the child.

And all - it was hardish on the relation with children. They were allowed to be on friendly terms only with those whom Mildred considered worthy, children from unsuccessful, according to mother, families did not enter a circle of contacts. But the similar relation from mother caused rejection reaction in children. Practically all of them were forced to ask for the help the psychiatrist subsequently. The example is indicative - three from six could not establish own families, two entered first marriage with anyone if only to escape from this rigid press. And Ben admitted later that him encyclopedia partly a protest against those principles of education which were spread by mother.

Though, on the other hand, future children`s psychologist can hardly complain that his life developed very difficult. Continuous work and deprivations tempered character, frequent stay in the fresh air and healthy food - put a good health. By 18 years Ben shot up two meters under growth, was slender as the cypress, is sports, than caused delighted looks of little girls more than once. But they were for it on the second, and even on the third plan. On the first place there were sports - Bena took in team oarsmen of Yale university, and at the age of 21 years participated in the VIII Olympic Games which opened in Paris on July 5, 1924. It is difficult to believe in it, but as a part of the national team of the USA Benjamin Spock became the Olympic champion!

And on the second plan Ben at that time had a love to voyages. He very much loved yachts, and even at one time dreamed of career of the captain of some ocean liner. But someone from his friends noticed somehow Bena: On the vessel there are a lot of specialties, it is optional to be the captain, one of the most prestigious professions - the ship`s doctor. Why for a start not to become you it? So Spock for the first time thought of medicine and filed documents on the relevant faculty. And five years later, after the end of study in Columbia University, Benjamin Spock became a doctor.

Almost right after the Olympic Games in Ben`s destiny there was a student Jane Chin for the sake of whom girl he was ready to close eyes to millions of the others, even the most seductive daughters of Eve. They got married later few years, contrary to will of mother. And the father, on the contrary, to the choice of the son treated with understanding and even presented newly married one thousand dollars. But how the love of doctor Spock to children was strong - he did not want to repeat destiny of parents, he not really - that wanted to burden himself poludyuzhiny kids. Also two sons - Michael and John were enough for it for eyes. And Ben nearly specularly copied the father - devoted the most part of time only to work. He saw children seldom, never indulged them and as both sons confessed many years later, to them so did not get fatherly warmth!

Benjamin strange love loved the children. It poured out streams of fatherly feelings only in books, and in life was very strict and is not even available. If to compare these two unfortunate American boys to ants who are at the foot of the highest mountain their father was in transcendental tops. Also it was almost inaccessible.

I do not put the task to investigate the main pedagogical work of Benjamin Spock. Everyone can make it independently. But that a family at chief tutor it was by no means not cloudlessly happy - the fact. And it was reflected not only in children - even Jane several decades of their joint life later did not find in the famous husband of hope and support. She wanted that Ben realized that without it, without its support and councils, the famous children`s doctor would not take place. But Spock did not pay attention to such trifles. And by and large, not really - that appreciated the wife. It led to the fact that Jane began to look for in increasing frequency rescue in alcohol. Eventually, spouses left, without having lived everything slightly - slightly up to a golden wedding.

Of course, the comforter of the famous doctor appeared almost immediately, in the person of a certain Mary Morgan. To Benjamin 73 years, and his charming companion only 33 at that time knocked. It suited it not that for fathers - in the grandfather. But it did not stop the young woman. Perhaps, she counted on Ben`s millions, without having found out about the fact that from these fabulous sums there were remains. Ben was not idle, in 1972 stood on the U.S. presidency, battled for a position vice-a bit later - the president. And still it was known as red rebel - it was constantly got involved in anti-government protests.

The ending of life of the great tutor was sad. In 1983 at the age of 22 years the beloved grandson Bena committed suicide. From it he became reserved even more. Also left - that it life from - for the fact that the spouse did not have 10 thousand dollars to pay operation of Bena. One and a half months Spock fell short everything of the 95 - the anniversaries. It happened on March 15, 1998.

But what smart was the last chord! Women who followed a catafalque with a body of deceased danced under music of the jazz and even swung umbrellas (there was a rain). Such is there was a will of the dead. I with all the heart hate the atmosphere of a state funeral, - Ben in the memoirs shortly before death wrote, - I hate the darkened room, the people with longish faces who are silent, whispering or sniffing of the assistants to the manager who are unsuccessfully trying to represent grief... My ideal - a Black funeral in the spirit of New Orleans when friends go, hopping, a snake under sounds the jazz - a gang .

And the main lesson of life of Benjamin Spock it is possible to contain in a toast about one little birdie who flew suddenly to the sun, and fell then, having singed itself wings. As if highly it was not succeeded to fly up, never come off pack