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How it is possible to paint live egg? Egg at most of the people huge mythological value had

. Egg - creation of the world, the beginning of the world. Here and Slavs so saw it. In some places was considered that the shell is a heavenly arch, protein is an air and water, and a yolk - the earth. Here to you and Universe. Now it needs only to be painted with the necessary symbols, to consecrate.

Since then, I think, and the tradition of a list of live eggs went. Live - means, taken down by a bird. Painted both goose, and duck, and eggs. And here is how - that is another matter.

It is necessary to notice that to Christianity the list of eggs occurred at Slavs. And with its arrival traditions merged, and today similar ceremonies are connected with Easter.

Today ethnographers established four main types of a list of eggs.

Krashenka - all the known small egg which cooks and painted in different colors. It becomes by Easter and Wires. Many legends and ceremonies are connected with a krashenka. It is considered that if in the morning on Light Sunday the girl puts a red small egg in water, and this water will wash, then beautiful the whole year will be. For a holiday the Red Hill of a krashenka guys and maidens from the mountain skatyvat. Probably, everyone in a family has similar traditions. As paint a krashenka, too all know.

Krapanka - from the Ukrainian word to scribble that is to cover with drops. It is one more type of a painted small egg. It becomes so. Egg is painted in some one color. Light a candle further, and drip on a small egg wax. It stiffens, then egg is dipped into paint of other color. Flowers can be as much as necessary. The main thing to remember - color of that paint into which you dipped a small egg last time and will be primary color. Krapanki was done most often by children in age-old times. Probably, so mothers trained daughters for more difficult list further. It is interesting that earlier testicles were painted crude therefore it was necessary to handle them carefully not to break.

Malevanka is more difficult type of decoration of testicles. In this equipment wax and special kistka is used too. Women or children (that too often happened) drew everything that will want on a small egg. I think, it is possible to carry to this look also modern ways of dressing (by means of fabrics, petals, laces, etc.) .

And a pisanka - the most difficult type of a list. Patterns and ornaments scrupulously passed from father to son. Pisanki is charms. In pre-Christian time they had huge value, in a place of honor these wonderful testicles always lay. Them treated, them preserved cattle against a malefice. Pisanka was dug in in the field on spring. Called them souls to this world. There were many both tselitelsky, and household ceremonies with pisanka. But them it was never impossible to do much harm. If the skilled worker undertakes to write a pisanka when it angry and dissatisfied, leaves nothing. Either egg will drop out, or paint will not lay down, or many blots will be. If incidentally kistky with wax to concern a pisanka, not to clean a speck any more.

Here so painted in old times of egg of a rusicha, Ukrainians and, probably, and all other Slavs. I think, these fine traditions need to be kept and revived. And the world will be precisely more beautiful!