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What is ethnocollecting and why they are necessary?

In a pursuit of progress we often lose something simple, national, but very important for life. We lose, I would tell, beads from a precious necklace. But it is simpler to modern person to count national culture dark and to trust in modern sciences. However, when they are powerless, we often come back to knowledge which stores grandmothers and grandfathers.

There are people to whom originality, culture of their ancestors is not indifferent. And they on particles collect what goes to the far, unknown worlds together with keepers of this knowledge. Not to return something any more. But much of traditions, customs, crafts still it is possible to keep and revive.

People or on the professional duties are engaged in it, or just feeling soul the debt. Having armed with cameras, cameras, they go to different villages and villages to grandmothers behind knowledge. All these people are called ethnographers.

Each of us can be this ethnographer. It is simple if to want. And to consider a few rules.

It is possible to carry out ethnocollecting in the apartment, asking at mother, the grandmother and other relatives on customs which were in a family, the village, a sort. But to ask a little, it is important to write down all this still truly. Here what it is necessary to consider at registration of your work:

Ethnographic collecting


the Country where ethnocollecting

Area, name of the city, village

Collecting was carried out: Full name, passport data

At whom carried out collecting: A full name, date of birth, what birthplace, if the woman - a maiden name.

follows the description of ethnocollecting Further.

Such registration will allow those data which you described, to consider as ethnographic material. What exactly will this achieve? I am not an ethnographer - the professional, I only study. But I can tell one - at publications this material will be considered not just as yours baizes namely ethnocollecting. Besides, such approach will allow to understand precisely where and at whom information was written down.

If you keep record on a chamber, then it is worth asking aloud all listed questions and to receive answers - the information about the one who exactly slightly opens to you an old times veil.

What it is possible to collect? Everything to what the soul lies. It both fairy tales, and proverbs, and customs, and songs, and crafts. All this leaves. For example, the Gagauz skilled workers were famous in the different markets for the carpets. What they weaved was wonderful. But with arrival of the industry these carpets did not become necessary. The new generation did not want to study, and keepers of traditions one by one died. Now hardly it is possible to find the grandmother who will tell and furthermore she will show how manually to weave carpets. So the tradition dies out.

And still, the national culture keeps a lot of knowledge of healing. It deserves great attention too. Often ancient methods of doctoring effectively help to restore health. Of course, it is necessary to approach everything wisely. But it is worth learning, and then and to investigate force and value of this or that recipe.

I will not paint all subtleties of ethnocollecting. But I can mention one more very important point. Often grandmothers on a request refuse to teach and show something from their life (whether an embroidery, whether what recipe, whether to spin to teach) at once. Like, why it to you or yes I do not remember anything " any more;. Here the patience, care to people, warm-heartedness and sincere desire to learn the forgotten knowledge is important. With grandmothers and grandfathers it is worth making friends at first, and and then already to ask questions. And, I will emphasize, to ask questions very important. As a lot of things for them needless to say. And behind it by itself also just what is necessary is covered that pearl! Do not wait that to you everything will be brought on a silver platter. It is necessary to become a question! When begin to trust you, will tell then. Those from old men who keep special knowledge of something especially feel desire to transfer them. As they speak - knowledge as a stone when it is already time to leave, them needs to be given .

Ethnocollecting - it is interesting! You can ask me a question why I write it, obviously most of people has no task to be engaged in studying of old times. But if each of us at least on a grain collects something, then we will keep the Great culture!