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Who such hacker - Robin Hood or just the man with the keyboard? All know

, than hackers are engaged - for the majority of mankind it is the word symbolizes danger and causes at uneducated negative associations. However very few people from this majority know the true reason of their behavior.

Prior to use of this term in mass media, the hacker called the person who well understood programming and itself wrote for himself software. However after publication in the American newspapers of articles about Kevin Mitnike and Vladimir Levin, this word got a little negative shade.

Hackers are burglars. But they do not crack apartments, do not plunder old women, and especially kill nobody. Today, in the world of information chaos, there is only one way to learn the truth for certain: to get access to initial materials which nobody hurries to give in a charge of the public.

Any information has to be free

Here in what a hacking essence. Not the justification, is the fact.

Most of all hackers are afraid the government organizations, a coma as not to them to hide the true intentions?

It was in the early nineties necessary to create legal precedent on accountability for information theft. And a whipping boy the mentioned Kevin Mitnik, the hacker number one became higher. Mitnik admitted that he for receiving access to the closed sources used methods of social engineering, but did not crack system of access. The staff of the organizations gave to Kevin passwords of access, of course, he deceived them, but it did not press on them, they just wanted to help it.

As a result Mitnik was caught by FBI agents, and for the lack of direct proofs showed him indirect - harming which was even more difficult to be defined, than to find direct proofs. Therefore the companies did not stint the truth, and granted the sums of money which were spent not for restoration of systems, and for seal of holes which were found by the hacker on reports.

Mitnik was condemned for four years of imprisonment. Just the same penal is got by the average murderer.

While the Hacker No. 1 was imprisoned, bailed cracked servers of FBI, NASA, Microsoft, the NSA, and left only one message Free Kevin .

It became known about the fact that all government organizations have the right without obtaining the warrant to read mail of ordinary citizens later. Same direct violation of constitutional rights! Hackers did not keep themselves waiting long. The answer was 64 - bit coding of letters which only the recipient could decipher.

Of course, not all hackers use the talents for the benefit of society, but, certainly, they where big altruists, than ordinary people whose will is shown only during elections of times in four years. Meanwhile this subject is not so actual for Russia, however this country develops, and it still should face this problem.

Haque - the community in the future will also remain - Jure beyond the law, and - the fact will become spontaneous control authority of the power, economy and the law. That for us, ordinary citizens, there will be the same secret, as well as ingredients of instant soups.

And I hope that next time when you read lines about capture of one more hacker, you will not take a jaundiced view to him, it is possible, he went to a crime for the sake of us.