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What for marvelous birds flew to rusicha? Part 2

of the Bird - beings special. All elements are available to them: the earth, water and air - the wind filled solar, storm fire. From - for it our ancestors thought that birds are brought closer to gods. Besides, the bird born twice (the first time in the form of egg), assimilated to soul of the person. That is, the living person was similar to the egg covered with a rough shell, but after egg broke, from it the winged soul took off. Soul, having missed in paradise, could go down a bird on the earth, visit live. A bird - soul - wind - for our ancestors were related concepts. At us expressions still remained: ceased to breathe, died. We believe also now that the titmouse who flied to our window, - soul someone favourite who is not present with us any more.

The most perfect, unprecedented bird was Heat - a bird. She lived in a gold fairy kingdom or at Kashchey Bessmertny in a garden in a gold cage. It shone eyes and plumage because it was a particle of heavenly fire, representing two gods - the Sun and Thunder-storms. She ate the gold apples giving immortality, youth and beauty. When singing from her beak the perfect pearls poured, and its bile returned sight to blind men. Found its feather it became unusually happy.

The eagle was esteemed as the Tsar - a bird. Perun - the Thunderer, the main god of ancient Slavs, sometimes the taking form of a powerful eagle was his patron. This huge bird in anger vomited fire and incinerated the whole cities.

A specific place among birds was held by a stork. One person was guilty before God once, and that turned him into a stork, having enjoined to exterminate all cold blooded reptiles. People considered a stork as the fellow and found to that many proofs: storks lodge near the person, have 5 fingers, cry tears, die of love melancholy and jealousy. The killed stork could be buried in a grobika. People believed that storks flew away to paradise lands, swam there in the Human lake, wintered in an image of people, and after bathing in the Bird`s lake came back birds. Storks were able to disperse clouds and brought from Iriya`s paradise of the new children allocated with souls of once living.

All songbirds were considered paradise and servants of a deity of love Lelya. They were kind to people. Larks, or iriya - birds, brought every year spring from paradise gardens. The lark helped the Mother of God on the earth, consoled her. For it and she treated kindly him in the sky. The swallow and a prophetic cuckoo carried out great mission: they stored keys from a paradise garden. These keys they opened every year summer and locked winter. Attributed to a swallow the most good deeds concerning people: she could make the person beautiful, happy, favourite moreover and save from the fire.

A the cuckoo devoted to the goddess of spring Givet and god of time Chislobogu predicted everything about human life and patronized young girls.

People treated some birds ambiguously. The rooster who was called by Budimir, Glasim or Boromir was fire embodiment, but the white rooster contacted light forces, and black - with dark. The rooster was the main charm from the fires, evil spirit and - the only sacrificial bird. A peacock - the favourite bird of the goddess of an underground kingdom of Scientific research institute who was daughter Zhivy and unlike the spouse Niyan felt sorry for sinners, was fine, but imitated shouts of sinners in hell.

Were afraid of a raven and connected with a kingdom of the dead, with evil spirit, with sorcery. It was the bird of Chernoboga. But on the other hand, behind it recognized both merits - wisdom and fidelity. The raven stored keys from paradise earlier, but from there was expelled for an unseemly look and a voice. The raven took with itself one of keys, and since then crows, secretly getting into paradise, brought to people live and dead water from there.

The crooked pads of a sparrow are spoiled for mean and treacherous behavior at Christ Redeemer`s execution. The sparrow for centuries was considered as the bad birdie bringing trouble. For Christians a sparrow all the same that a pig for Muslims - the being despised by people and damned by God.

About very bad birds - the Nightingale - the robber, blood-thirsty the Signature stamp - a bird and the Bird - Yustritsa (cholera) - we will not remember. These disgusting, arousing fear creatures became myths.

Epic times, much water has flowed under the bridges left since then. Sank into a non-existence Heat - a bird, but there live near us her most ordinary sisters. Externally they same what were seen by their far ancestors. And we, as well as ancestors, rejoice to their arrival in the spring and we mourn when they depart. Only for us magic left: we know precisely that they fly not to paradise gardens. But all the same we envy their power over elements of wind, we admire beauty of plumage and voices. Also we dream that the same birds were seen in the sky by our far descendants who will be able to reach civilization tops, without having lost on the road a uniform little bird.