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Turkey - the country of contrasts?

Turkey - the amazing country with great history and not less great people. 3% of the territory of Turkey are in the European part, and all other territory - in Asia. The country North - industrial, and the South is occupied with hotels and the tourist cities and settlements. Turkey - the beautiful country for rest, and in it is combined, apparently, incongruous.

In - the first, it is the Islamic republic with the secular mode . What can it mean? And the fact that on the beach there can be a girl from top to toe dressed in clothes, or on the contrary - the hot Turkish woman sunbathing a top - the loess. In what difference of Turkey even, maybe, from beaches in Russia and in the Crimea - both such Turkish women do not pay at each other any attention. That is, nobody on anybody hushes, bursts in the speech from a moralyama and so on. How to go to the beach in Turkey - business of everyone.

As well as any people, Turks very much love if you though can tell something in their native language - Turkish. It works as in Turkey, so, let us assume, and in Germany where many immigrants of the Turkish origin live. Therefore joyful Merrab! (it is translated - Hi) at once will gain the seller and just serving in the airport. Nasylsyn - how are you. Has the same value, how in the English How do you do? That is, you will not hear the detailed story that his son received the two at school, and the wife went to have a rest to relatives.

In general, interest in Turkish and culture will cause in any Turk pride for the people and the country. It is that and it is clear, but at most of Turks of emotion are in full swing!

It is very smiling and cheerful people . Of course, tourism for most of Turks - a considerable increase to the budget and in general, often, the only opportunity to earn. Any Russian guide who comes somewhere in April to Turkey to get acquainted with the country, hotels, excursions, to learn language, will tell you that all winter and the beginning of spring when there are practically no tourists - Turks sit on houses and watch TV. And the season begins somewhere with May holidays there - and that, water in the sea coldish and is enough in the evenings - is cool, in short shorts to walk still not really at night.

In Turkey there are a lot of people who speak in Russian . It and the Turks who learned our native language since Turkey became one of favourite vacation spots of Russians, and also our former compatriots. For example, in jeweler shopping center I had a beautiful woman - the consultant who perfectly spoke in Russian. It became clear later that she is from Georgia and moved to Turkey to permanent residence.

By the way, Turks very quickly distinguish from where you - from Russia or from Germany - the eye which is swept together. And at once begin to speak with you one language. At first it surprises - because initially I, for example, was going to speak in German or in English, and with me started talking my language at once.

And well-known east trade ! Do not forget about it, and do not lose such pleasure! I do not know from what ceiling the prices are thought out, but initially they are at least three times higher than the actual price of a product. You can undertake nothing special, a concert will be provided. And if and you lay a hand, then on a concert the floor of a shopping street will run together! Ukhoda - return, the prizyvaniya in witnesses of all people around is an unforgettable show and inexpressible feelings! Only the one who tried to bargain in the east can understand it. By the way, if you bought something without bargaining, it will not give pleasure to sellers at all. And if you bargained hour under all laws of east market, then after purchase you, most likely, will hear something approving about yourself. And Germans buy generally without bargaining that very much upsets Turks.

All this can be described very long, and it will be only some, very superficial, lines about such country as Turkey. It is necessary to visit most and to experience all depth of this culture.

The East - business thin, misters!