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Three nutlets for a little squirrel, or That at a squirrel for lunch?

The Squirrel of a song sings

I nutlets everything gnaws,

A nutlets not simple,

All skorlupk gold,

of the Kernel - a pure emerald;

Here that by miracle - that call

Appears, they wish to regale on on mushrooms , and prefer them both in fresh, and in a dried look. Proteins and the truth as often draw in illustrations of children`s books, prepare them for the winter. For this purpose they display them on stubs and lying trees, and also hang up on branches. Especially little squirrels love birch mushrooms and slippery jacks, but will not refuse also other mushrooms (zoologists claim that squirrels eat about forty five species of mushrooms).

Squirrels also eat of a kidney, lichens, bark .

Little squirrels adore nuts . Walnut, cedar, filbert. I with own eyes observed how " protein; ate around cedar cones, quickly - quickly touching pads, without any constraint showering with skins from height of all attendees. On our supervision, they are indifferent to a peanut, and eat sunflower seeds on mood. If you decided to treat a little squirrel, give her not fried nuts and do not give exotic (cashew, pistachios, a Brazil nut). You watch that the food was useful to these surprising animals.

The way of a razgryzaniye nuts proteins is interesting and effective : The Small animal sticks both lower cutters into that place where the nut fastens to a branch. Focus is that the lower jaw of representatives of family of squirrel consists of two halves connected by an elastic muscle. When the squirrel slightly pulls together them together, cutters disperse in the parties and, like the wedge hammered into an opening split a nut in half. So this process is described by the famous Polish zoologist - the popular writer Jan Zhabinski in the book From life of animals (As the squirrel cracks nuts//Science and life. No. 4. 2005.)

Note what proteins thinks of appearance of the offered food very much. So, for example, they can refuse the whole apple and rejoice cleared and cut on segments.

It is known also that forest squirrels wish to regale on on vegetable food , eggs birds, insects and even lizards , and also little mice . They are very not indifferent to salt - it for them is always a desired delicacy. Hunters claim that if in the squirrel wood the axe is forgotten, then squirrels will gnaw its handle, in hope to extract a little salt which was absorbed together with then from human hands.

Domestic squirrels will not refuse kompotny mix , of raisin , of grain . They are also recommended to feed with crackers , vegetables , fruit and to watch that their diet contained proteinaceous food - of insects , milk , fermented milk products , mincemeat , for example.

As you can see, not it this simple business - to feed a little squirrel. Before to offer a squirrel food, think as far as it for it is useful and desired.