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Who such SpongeBob SquarePants?

And who is such yellow and angular? - you when you noticed the image of this silly being on school bags, charms and clothes of younger generation could be perplexed.

I answer: It is SpongeBob SquarePants, one of the most popular animation characters today.

No, all - children on aggression and cruelty not absolutely went mad. Otherwise, than to explain that the animated film about Sponge Bob which is absolutely deprived and the first and second, so is pleasant to children (by the way, not only to them). And what can be aggression in the history of the small yellow sponge living in the very bottom the ocean in the picturesque town of Bikini Bot? As well as it is necessary to a sponge, Bob incredibly naive, soft, and is allocated with 40 holes of the different sizes. But main it counter - square trousers which he did not take off throughout all series.

Sponge Bob has friends - same unusual, as well as he. It is incredibly lazy and stupid starfish Patrick, a terrestrial squirrel in Sandie`s diving suit and an octopus with six feelers Squidward whom Bob also considers the friend (in spite of the fact that Squidward shivers with rage when nearby Sponge Bob appears).

Also other characters of a cartoon serial - the greedy owner of the Mr. Krabs snackbar, his competitor and the worst enemy Plankton, the teacher of driving of boats Mrs. Paf and many others are not less expressive. Life of the underwater world, according to creators, is very similar to terrestrial. Each its inhabitant is allocated with human qualities and characters, somewhere - good, somewhere - bad, but not traditionally unambiguous characteristics or kind or angry .

The animated film which appeared on screens in 1999 won unexpected sympathy from the audience. His creator, Stephen Hillenberg, the company Nikelodeon did not count on such grandiose success. However the fact remains: Sponge Bob is pleasant to children though in him there is neither gram nor the steepness, nor force. In fact, children recognized in a defenseless soft being with open blue eyes themselves. Also fell in love with it.

Vulnerability and Bob`s softness made him the favourite also representatives of subculture of emo. Infantile emotional young men and girls probably decided that, judging by character and behavior, Sponge Bob is just their born leader! And here result - Sponge Bob in it is black - pink tones. Sponge Bob with the used eye shadow. Sponge Bob in pink (but still square - sacred!) trousers.

In the RuNet the character also strongly occupied the niche (somewhere between Medved and the Squirrel from Ice Age ) . Sponge Bob looks widely opened eyes from a set of avatars, prompts and wall-paper. Among users of LiveJournal the " test was at one time popular; Who you from characters of the animated film about Sponge Bob are? . Funny People and jokers of a RuNet constantly edit Bob`s appearance, giving him absolutely improbable lines (see the image).

Sponge Bob has in Square Trousers also opponents. Someone considers the animated film snotty some do not understand a peculiar humour and specific appearance of the main character. But one can be told precisely: kind and soft Sponge Bob cannot do to kids harm more in any way, than aggressive Pokemons, Betmena and other Cheloveki - Spiders.