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How to force a chain of the bicycle to shine?

Spring. A time of walks in the fresh air and, of course, pokatushka by the bicycle. After the winter parking on a balcony or in garage you, at last, get the iron horse. Carefully you wash it, you rub to gloss to fly on the sparkling bike on streets surprisingly and envy the passerby. Everything would be ideal, but you are confused by a chain which reminds a black rope more. Let`s think: at once thoughts and various decisions occur.

In - the first, you can throw out an old chain and descend in shop behind new. The option will approach only if wear of a chain reached critical size. And what to do if it is almost new? We will reject this option, especially it is unprofitable to change a chain in process of pollution.

In - the second, you can wash out water, wipe with a rag and try not to watch more at it. Most likely, most of the beginning cyclists acts this way. But we will not follow this archaic way.

In the third... Well, we pass to the most right and not most difficult decision. For a start we will understand: why the chain to become black? Greasing - that transparent. The chain blackens from road dust and dirt which gathers on this transparent greasing. We will also be engaged in elimination, or rather reduction of extent of influence of the reason.

For a start we will clear a chain of already dried dirt. I recommend for this purpose to use the device for cleaning of a chain which is on sale in specialized shops. It represent a box with a cover, inside there are shchetinisty castors. In it pour a little gasoline and insert a chain (without removing a chain from the bicycle!) . Cling the device for the back switch and... it is necessary only to twist pedals in the opposite direction.

But it is possible to do also without them. We need x / a rag and gasoline. Follows, having moistened a rag with gasoline, to wipe a chain from all directions, changing a rag in process of its pollution. For simplification of process it is possible to twist pedals a chain. After a while the chain will be lighter. Also for cleaning of a chain and asterisks it is convenient to use an old toothbrush.

Second stage. A pure dry rag we wipe a chain and we scrub it to gloss. After this procedure the chain has to become absolute pure, at least outside. Purity can be checked a hand. I advise at the same time to clean stars and switches as they also have property to be soiled.

Now your chain and stars shine (if all made on conscience). But how to keep this purity? Forever it will not be possible to keep, but if it is correct to grease a chain, then the effect will remain much longer. And the following cleaning considerably will become simpler.

And what to grease with? This question remains open. At all greasings the advantages and shortcomings. Let`s stop on traditional and most widespread lubricating oil. It is necessary to grease accurately, without hurrying. Rule: the more the better here it is impossible to apply.

That should use a butterdish which forms accurate drops, but does not pour a stream. The drop should be put so that all oil got into the place of coupling of two links. Strictly to a pokapla on one link. Having convinced that all links are greased, it is possible to begin a uniform razgonka of oil on a link. For this purpose it is necessary to twist pedals a chain within one or two minutes.

After that you can go to ride. Our objectives are achieved, but you should not forget to look after your chain. As both operation of switches and deleting of asterisks depends on it. Rules are quite simple:

1. Right after pollution, or bathing of a chain repeat its cleaning.

2. Grease a chain as required.

3. If the chain is worn-out - replace it with new.

Perhaps, all. Good luck on roads!