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Let`s take a walk in higher education institution?

How long you studied in higher education institution? And maybe, you still study in it? As if the situation was not, you see, to remember student`s years always pleasantly. I suggest to refresh memoirs. I will be your guide on university.

Audience. Small cozy or big uncomfortable - it is unimportant, but if you sit and you correspond with classmates notes or Sms, then the teacher will notice it even if you on the latest row.

Library. In it can meet many excellent students, to look for information for a seminar, to prepare the paper. And there you will not meet idlers and goofs-off, do not even look for. But appointment to books is provided.

Final. Unlike school, absolutely adult. And here on hands the diploma with an inscription what expert you became, well and, of course, the appendix in the form of estimates at which most of employers does not consider it necessary to look.

State exams. the Unknown word for the first-year student and terrible for the graduate. At state examination will check what the student learned for all years of training. Therefore not to look absolute zero, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly.

Record book. As they say, at first you work for it, then it for you. Though if the harmful teacher gets, then and the record book will not rescue from a bad note.

Internet. Now any student will not do without it. And how without it lived earlier? If in days of old students were engaged in library, then now they look for answers and papers on the Internet.


it is not favorable to b to Shirk. All the same it will be necessary to take a notebook, and to rewrite the missed lectures. As usual, houses it to do laziness. It is easier to write down most, than to understand others handwriting, sometimes such that you will not decipher.

Window. the TV at boring lecture Replaces. But it is undesirable to look in it, it is possible to receive couple from the boring teacher.

Session. All know this saying: From session before session... . It creeps imperceptibly, but if the student sometimes appeared in higher education institution, will pass without loss.

Physical culture. Well, here again it is necessary to run and jump - very often so newly made students speak. There is no wish to visit at all, and it is impossible to ignore - offset not to see.

Cribs. All write them, but, unfortunately, not all can use them. But in the course of writing everything is very well remembered. So it is necessary to write cribs, and it is undesirable to use.

Examination. Someone is afraid, and someone is not present. But not to do without it in any way. Without emotional shake-up and that is difficult to study-.

Successful all of study!