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Who needs your baggage?

Krom you, it is necessary to the person on duty behind a front desk at the airport (for collection of additional payment for excess of weight), to the winking customs officer (you know for what) and especially... to loaders.

Why to loaders? But because it is the only group of personnel which remains alone with your suitcases until they proceed from air terminal to the plane and from the plane to the following air terminal at the airport of arrival.

After the favourite suitcase receives a label with number, it already becomes baggage and leaves away from the owner on a conveyor tape. Since this moment, it agrees To Rules of air transport your baggage passes under protection of a carrier that is confirmed by issue of the detachable coupon (a luggage label).

But the matter is that in practice the carrier (that is airline which flight you will fly) does not see your baggage yet. At best, the agent of the company will track that the baggage was put by loaders of the airport on carts, and it will already be brought on an airfield to the plane only by loaders without maintenance and control. As then the carrier can to protect baggage which is out of sight of airline?

is easy to guess that it is a weak link in documents and practical work. And until recently ways of its strengthening did not interest publishers Rules of air transport .

In cases of destruction, loss, damage, a delay in transportation of baggage right after detection of malfunctions in transportation the act about malfunctions in transit of baggage (PIR) which is signed by a carrier and the passenger is made out. Lack of the act about malfunctions in transit cannot be of baggage a cause of failure a carrier in acceptance of claims from the passenger

So historically it developed that passengers have no time for written skirmish and a showdown with airline from - for the tube of toothpaste, the razor or a towel which was gone from baggage. Ordinary citizens are not familiar with Rules of transportations and do not even know about their existence. And it is almost only source of information in which the rights and duties of a carrier and the passenger in detail reveal.

These rules do not recommend to include fragile, fragile objects which fight in baggage or quickly spoil, money, keys, jewelry, the electronic equipment, products from precious metals and silver, technical documentation, business documents, securities, medicines, medical documentation, passports and other identification documents and samples.

It is obvious that the room in baggage of securities, passports or business documents physically do not influence factors of flight and control of the aircraft. So, rules of transportation recognize probability of theft and thus try to warn citizens?

And here the electronic equipment is threatened not only by theft, and also an opportunity to be crushed or broken. When loading baggage on the cart or in a plane luggage carrier on your suitcase can lie some more, at the same time the mass of each of them will be 20 kg (if there is no excess of norm).

And how surveillance cameras, agents of maintenance, stewards? Someone watches and is responsible for safety of baggage! The answer is simple.

The facts of theft and opening of baggage is a result of well thought over system, group work of team of loaders. About existence and location blind zones (the zones which are not getting to coverage by chambers) loaders are well informed. It is unclear only, how. And their work is based not on casual opening of the first bag or bag without lock (though there is also it), and on opening of in advance planned bags which maintenance interested after passing " TV;.

During loading of baggage in a cargo compartment of the plane nearby on the earth there are a lot of personnel of various services. The steward and the agent of airline watching loading of baggage from the cart aboard the plane, especially, are interested in safety of baggage as they are responsible persons.

But also there is a weak link. Often passengers rise aboard even before the end of loading and can see the device of luggage carriers and process of loading. One or two loaders are in a luggage carrier (without having glanced inside to see what they do there it is absolutely impossible), and others outside give them bags and push aside land personnel. Here - that also occurs the most interesting. Working overalls and jackets turn loaders into Karlsonov due to dimensions of a style, existence of a set of pockets. Fill uniform with all the heart, and nobody will guess.

And while fathers is deputies and the Ministry of transport did not make any cardinal changes, we (passengers) have only one way of protection - to wrap bags in cellophane and to take all the most valuable with itself in hand luggage.

I Hope, the aspiration to approach the international standards will feel on itself and aircraft soon and we should not speak about such things.

of Successful flights!